Contacting your Councillor | When contacting your local councillor please contact them by email or telephone in the first instance where possible.

Here you will find a list of City Councillors and the Wards they represent along with contact information and surgery details.

Councillor surgeries are not available during the August month or the bank holiday.

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Aspley Graham Chapman  Labour
  Patience Uloma Ifediora  Labour
  Carole McCulloch  Labour
Basford Salma Mumtaz  Labour and Co-operative
  Nick Raine  Labour and Co-operative
  Linda Woodings  Labour and Co-operative
Berridge Angela Kandola  Labour
  Toby Neal  Labour
  Shuguftah Quddoos  Labour
Bestwood Jay Hayes  Labour
  Georgia Power  Labour
  Audra Wynter  Labour
Bilborough Phil Jackson  Labour
  Rebecca Langton  Labour
  Wendy Smith  Labour
Bulwell Maria Joannou  Labour
  Jane Lakey  Labour
  Ethan Radford  Labour
Bulwell Forest Cheryl Barnard  Labour
  Eunice Campbell-Clark  Labour
  Samuel Gardiner  Labour
Castle Angharad Roberts  Labour and Co-operative
  Sam Webster  Labour and Co-operative
Clifton East Kevin Clarke  Nottingham Independents
  Kirsty Jones  Nottingham Independents
  Maria Watson  Nottingham Independents
Clifton West Andrew Rule  Conservative
  Roger Steel  Conservative
Dales Gul Khan  Labour
  Neghat Khan  Labour
  David Mellen  Labour
Hyson Green and Arboretum Merlita Bryan  Labour
  Azad Choudhry  Labour
  Jawaid Khalil  Labour
Leen Valley Audrey Dinnall  Labour
  Mohammed Saghir  Labour
Lenton and Wollaton East Pavlos Kotsonis  Labour
  Sally Longford  Labour
  David Trimble  Labour
Mapperley Leslie  Ayoola  Labour
  Rosemary Healy  Labour
  Sajid Mohammed  Labour
Meadows Michael Edwards  Labour
  Nicola Heaton  Labour
Radford Hassan Ahmed  Labour
  Anne Peach  Labour
Sherwood AJ Matsiko  Labour
  Nayab Patel Labour
  Adele Williams  Labour
St Anns Corall Jenkins Labour
  Sue Johnson  Labour
  Dave Liversidge  Labour
Wollaton West Steve Battlemuch  Labour
  Zafran Khan  Labour
  Cate Woodward  Labour