The Local Plan and Planning Policy

A Local Plan sets out local planning policies and identifies how land is used, determining what will be built within a local authority area. Adopted local plans provide the framework for an area's development.

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The Adopted Local Plan

In Nottingham the Local Plan comprises the Nottingham City Aligned Core Strategy - ACS (2014) (Part 1 Local Plan), the Land and Planning Policies Document - LAPP (2020) (Part 2 Local Plan) and the jointly prepared Nottinghamshire and Nottingham Waste Core Strategy (2013).

Latest News and Consultations

Details of the latest news related to the Local Plan, current consultations and our new Consultation Database.. 

Local Plan Review

The Aligned Core Strategies - Local Plan Part 1 is at the early stages of review.  The Land and Planning Policies Document - Local Plan Part 2 was adopted by the Council on 13th January 2020 (see committee papers) following receipt of the Inspector's report.  Archive information about the examination of the LAPP can be found on the Examination Web pages.

Supplementary Planning Documents/Guidance

Details of Supplementary Planning Documents and Supplementary Planning Guidance.

Other Local Plan Related Documents Useful External Planning Links

List of useful external links including the 2019 National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), and related Planning Practice Guidance (PPG).

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