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The Submission Version of the Land and Planning – Local Plan Part 2 (LAPP) and supporting documentation was approved by the Full Council on 5th March to be submitted to the Secretary of State for Examination. Details can be found here.

The Local Plan Part 2 has been informed by the following previous stages of plan preparation as set out below.

Following a call for sites, consultation on Issues and Options took place between 26 September and 21 November 2011 and following this consultation on additional sites between 5 March and 30 April 2012.

The Publication Version stage which was consulted on 29 January and 11 March 2016. Please click here for details.

Revised Publication Version stage which was consulted on between Friday 29 September to Friday 10 November 2017.  Please click here for details.

The LAPP was submitted on 23rd April 2018.  Details of this stage is available here.  The full details of the Examination is available here