Closed Consultations

Closed 12 December

Hackney Carriage Fares

In line with our statutory requirement we are publishing the new table of Hackney Carriage fares, approved by Nottingham City Council

Closed 30 November

Bus and Tram User Survey

If you use the bus and tram networks in Nottingham, we would like your feedback on the services

Closed 23 November

Your City Your Services 2018

Have you say on what services are the most important to you for a chance to win four tickets to see Peter Pan

Closed 16 November


Did you take part in the Hoodwinked trail in 2018? If so tell us what you thought!

Closed 02 November

Tricket’s Yard

We would like the community to have their say on the improvements they would like to see at Trickets Yard

Closed 31 October

Queen's Walk Recreation Ground (1)

We would like the views of the local community on the multi use games and fitness area

Closed 19 October

Garden Waste Collection 2019 - Consultation

We are consulting on a proposal to extend the garden waste collection service into November and would like citizens views

Closed 14 October

Allotment rent rates and changes to tenancy conditions

Nottingham City Council are seeking the views of allotment tenants and citizens on the current proposals to increase the allotment garden rent rate

Closed 07 October

Homelessness Prevention Strategy

Have your say on the draft homelessness prevention strategy 2018-2023 and help us plan to reduce homelessness over the next 5 years

Closed 01 October

Ruddington Lane Park Improvements

We would like the community to have their say on improvements to Ruddington Lane Park

Closed 30 September

Adult Social Care Strategy

We would like to get your views and feedback on our new draft strategy for adult social care in Nottingham.

Closed 21 September

Kirkstead Street Park

We are consulting with local residents to ask their views on improving the play area at Kirkstead Street.

Closed 16 September

Central Library Consultation

Nottingham City Council are consulting with the public to gain their feedback on proposals for a new Central Library

Closed 16 September

Statement of Gambling Principles

Nottingham City Council has begun the consultation process regarding renewal of the Statement of Gambling Principles 2019-2022

Closed 16 September

Statement of Licensing Policy

Nottingham City Council has begun the consultation process regarding renewal of the Statement of Licensing Policy 2019-2024

Closed 10 September

Air Quality in Nottingham

We may not always be able to see it, but air pollution is a real issue that is having serious, long-term effects on our health.

Closed 09 September

Licensing Impact Assessement

The City Council has begun its consultation regarding the creation of a Cumulative Impact Assessment in Nottingham and we need your views on the proposals.

Closed 31 July

Bulwell Bogs

Have your say on the on the designs for the new children’s play area at Bulwell Bogs

Closed 31 July

Nottingham 2050 sustainability plan

We are seeking your views on the Nottingham 2050 plan to inspire sustainable practices for citizens, businesses and non-profit sector.

Closed 20 July

Proposal for an Additional Licensing Designation

Citizens and stakeholders are being asked to give their feedback on the Council’s proposal to introduce a scheme of additional licensing for privately rented Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in the City.

Closed 20 July

Energy Bills - Have your say

We are seeking citizens views on energy bills to support in writing a fuel poverty strategy

Closed 08 July

Torvill Park

Have your say on the proposals for refurbishment of Torvill Park Children’s play area.

Closed 25 May

Housing Strategy Consultation

We would like you to have your say on the Council’s new housing strategy 2018-2021 which you can do by clicking the link below:

Closed 29 April

Consultation on signage requirements

Local Government (Miscellaneous) Provision Act 1976. Nottingham City Council has begun consultation on its proposals to introduce specific signage requirements on all Private Hire Vehicles to support public understanding and safety with effect from 1 June 2018.

Closed 02 March

Budget Consultation 2018/2019

Government’s austerity and social care crisis create ‘tipping point’ for City Council budget

Closed 16 February

Adult social care transport policy

How do you think people should be supported?

Closed 12 January

Nottingham City Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (2018) consultation

The local Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) is a document that outlines pharmaceutical services across Nottingham City.

Closed 06 January

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