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Consultation Open 18 March 2024 to 28 April 2024






It is proposed to add a specialist Special Educational Needs (“SEN”) unit at Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School (“the School”) within the existing school grounds, by constructing an additional building to further support the School’s  inclusive provision for pupils with SEN.

This provision will be designed for children who have a diagnosis of autistic spectrum condition (ASC), the level at which requires additional specialist educational support to enable the children to have their needs met effectively in their local, mainstream school. Within this provision which pupils will attend daily, they will receive a programme of learning which will stimulate and engage them safely and securely.


The proposed build will be on the school grounds close to the original buildings, and will be located on some land formerly occupied by the overflow staff car park, a small part of the Early Years outdoor area and an inaccessible area of grass adjacent to the Early Years outdoor area and Forest School area. The plan is to make use of a currently disused carpark area, accessed off Hillington Rise, for staff parking and replace the repurposed Early Years outdoor area with a new extension to the side of the existing Early Years outdoor area. This would locate this inclusive provision close to the existing buildings and ensure suitable access from the main drive.

It is anticipated that works can be completed for the Unit to be open from September 2025, on a phased pupil admission basis.

It is proposed that the specialist SEN unit will accommodate 16 pupils in total. 8 places will be allocated through the Local Authority’s (LA) Focus Provision Forum and will be in addition to the school’s normal Published Admission Number (PAN):


1)     if of Reception age, they will be in addition to the Published Admission Number (“PAN”) for the School;

2)     if in Years 1 to 6 they will be in addition to the overall capacity of the school.


No other places will be available as LA allocated SEN places until one of those 8 pupils leave the school.


It is proposed that the other 8 pupils using the SEN unit will be children already on roll at Glade Hill Primary School with SEN. It is proposed that these places will be allocated by the School.  It is envisaged that these pupils may also access space and facilities within the main school and therefore will not create space for additional pupils to be admitted under the normal admissions process.


The current capacity of the School is for 420 pupils. The proposed capacity of the School would remain at 420. The current PAN for the School is 60. The proposed admission number for the School would remain at 60.


The current number of primary aged pupils registered at the School is 402. The School also has a nursery with up to 52 full-time equivalent (“FTE”) pupils on roll.


Consultation on the SEND Sufficiency Strategy 2023-28 was undertaken from 25th January to 28th February 2023 with all relevant stakeholders. The Strategy set out the policy, principles and proposals for investing High Needs Capital funding received from the Department for Education (DfE), to increase and improve specialist SEND provision for children and young people with complex needs or who have an education, health and care plan (EHCP). The Strategy also outlined key priorities and broadly proposed schemes, to increase the number of high quality inclusive places and improve existing provision. Initial expressions of interest were also invited.

The development of specialist SEN provision at Glade Hill Primary & Nursery School is one of a range of measures developed by the LA in partnership with settings to ensure that the SEND Sufficiency Strategy commitments are delivered for young people in Nottingham.

Views on this proposal are welcome from all stakeholders. Support, comments and objections on the proposal published in this statutory notice must be sent by 4:50 p.m. on Sunday 28 April 2024 by emailing:  stating ‘SEN unit provision’ in the subject line.