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The Government has announced that Commissioners are to be appointed for Nottingham City Council.  For further information, the council’s response and FAQs can be read here.

Bulky Waste

Reuse and Recycling

As part of our Waste Strategy and the Carbon Neutral Action Plan, we encourage residents to prevent items being disposed of that could be reused, repurposed, or recycled, and often people are happy to come to your home to collect them. Before booking a bulky waste collection, check if your bulky items can be…

Sold? - The demand for second-hand items is booming, with people taking part in “buy nothing new” challenges, and the opportunity to save money and live more sustainably. If your items are of good quality, there are many online marketplaces to buy and sell items in your local area.

Alternatively, give your good quality items to a charity or organisation that can either sell or use the items you no longer need or want and support a good cause whilst reducing waste.

  • Furniture Project Nottinghamshire  take donations of furniture, textiles, electrical items, and kitchen appliances, providing they are in a re-usable condition. They will pick them up for free and give them to people and families in times of need.
  • Haven Housing Trust is a Nottingham charity that can accept donations of good, clean furniture and household items and arrange a free collection.
  • British Heart Foundation can collect furniture and electrical items.

Offered for free? - Upcycling furniture has become a popular hobby and side-business for many - why not use the buy and sell platforms to offer your items for free? Even if they are old, damaged, or out of fashion, people are on the hunt for items to repair, update, and refresh, and give a new home to. This is a huge opportunity to reduce how much we throw away.

Please don’t leave items on pavements hoping someone else will take them – this is fly-tipping and can lead to a fine of £300 if a bulky waste collection has not been arranged.

  • Freecycle and Freegle are websites where you can list items you’re giving away for free, and of course, see what items others no longer need!
  • Facebook Marketplace also has an option to list items for free.



If items need to be disposed of because they can’t be reused or recycled, then you can either take them to the Household Waste & Recycling Centre for free disposal, or pay a small fee for them to be collected for disposal:

If items need to be disposed of because they can’t be reused or recycled, then you can either take them to the Household Waste & Recycling Centre for free disposal, or pay a small fee for them to be collected for disposal:

Bulky waste collection costs

  • Collections cost £20 for up to 6 household items*, such as a sofa, bed, mattress, wardrobe, chair and table.
  • Collections cost £40 for 7-12 items, with a maximum of 6 POPs items and 6 household items per booking.
  • Electrical Items collections cost £10 for the first item then £7.50 for each additional item.

*Free collection for Council Tax Support

Residents receiving Council Tax Support are entitled to one free collection of up to 6 bulky items every financial year (12 months from April) by entering their council tax reference number when booking a collection. This does not include electrical items, or households only receiving single occupancy discount or with council tax exemption.

Electrical items

Small electrical items that fit in a wheeled bin can be recycled for free at our local drop-off points across the city, and any sized item at the recycling centre. Electrical items can contain precious metals that are important to recover, and lithium in rechargeable items are explosive when crushed in collection vehicles, so it’s important to keep electricals out of household bins and recycle them correctly.

When we collect your items

We run three different vehicles to collect white goods, upholstered seating, and other bulky and electrical items. This means that your items may be collected by more than one vehicle, and not at the same time or on the same day.

What can/can’t be collected

We can collect most items that don’t fit in your wheeled bin, but we cannot collect the following:


  • Items removed from properties by private landlords
  • Business or commercial waste
  • Car Parts
  • Car Tyres

If a business or landlord made the waste, it must not be disposed of through this service. Doing so is against the law.

Contact a commercial waste company to dispose of these items.

These items are hazardous with legal requirements on how to dispose of them.

You can take some of these items to your local tip at Redfield Road, Lenton.

  • Construction materials such as bricks, rubble, tiles, plasterboard, soil.
  • Windows, doors, large panes of glass

These items can damage our machinery. You can take some of these items to your local tip at Redfield Road, Lenton, or hire a skip if you have a larger quantity.

  • Household waste that should go in your general, recycling or garden bin

This service is for large items of household waste that either do not fit in the bin (e.g. furniture) or cannot be put out for your regular bin collection (e.g. a microwave)

Smaller items of household waste, recycling and garden waste can be disposed of in your usual bin collections. Electricals should always be recycled at a dedicated disposal point.


Book a Bulky Waste Collection

Completing this service should take around 5 minutes.

To complete this service you will need.

  • List of bulky waste items
  • Your address
  • Your contact details
  • Your council tax reference number if you receive council tax support and have not already booked a free bulky waste collection this financial year (i.e. since April)

Upholstered items and POP’s

Due to new regulations, upholstered seating such as sofas and chairs will now be collected on a different vehicle from any other items, as they may contain Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP's) from flame retardant treatments, and can’t be mixed with other waste items. However, these items are still included in the same booking and cost of £20 for up to 6 items. On your collection day, two different crews will come to collect your items if you have both upholstered seating and other bulky items in the same booking.

Book a Bulky Waste Collection


Cancelling a Collection

If you need to cancel your bulky waste collection, please follow the instructions in the booking confirmation email.

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