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Garden Waste Subscriptions

If you'd like an additional garden waste bin and collection click here.

There is a £20.00 charge per bin for both tenants and landlords.

We aim to deliver any new bins in 10 days.

Request new or additional bin

Completing this service should take around 5 minutes.

To complete this service you will need.

  • Your contact details
  • Address
  • Type of bin you are requesting
Request a new or additional bin

Bin Removal

Request Removal of a Bin

Why Charge for Additional Bins?

Although Nottingham City Council is obliged to provide waste services it is not required to provide containers.

Currently, the provision of replacement bins is costing Nottingham city council (and therefore the taxpayers) approximately £155,000 a year.

The charge has been introduced to cover the administration and delivery of replacement bins and is intended to encourage residents to take responsibility for the wheeled bins provided.

Doesn’t my Council Tax cover this cost?

No, council tax covers the cost of us emptying your bins and the disposal.