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Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings

Areas and buildings of character and historic interest within the city that are subject to special planning controls.

Conservation Areas


Conservation areas are parts of the city where special planning controls apply. 

Click here to go to a map showing all conservation areas within the city

Click here to find out if your property is in a conservation area

If you want to demolish a building or structure within a conservation area you may need planning permission for relevant demolition, read about this on the Planning Portal.

All trees in conservation areas are subject to planning control. Click here to read about the permissions needed to do fell or do work to trees.

Some properties within the Canning Circus, Sneinton, Strelley Village and Waterloo Promenade Conservation areas are subject to 'Article 4 Directions'. Click here to read about Article 4 Directions.

We have prepared Character Appraisals and Management Plans for many of the conservation areas. These set out detailed descriptions of the character and guidelines for planning decisions.

Listed Buildings


Buildings of special architectural or historic interest are 'listed', and are graded I, II* and II according to their importance.

Click here to find out if your property is a Listed Building

You will need to apply for listed building consent for most building work, internal and external, to a listed building. View more information on our Planning Portal.

Find out more about listed buildings on the English Heritage website

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