A future heritage for the city

The diversity of the city's heritage is its strength and its history of growth, adaptation and development, with our history providing the foundation for growth, fostering local identity and promoting social cohesion and well-being.

Over the next fifteen years Nottingham and its heritage will face a number of challenges. The Nottingham Plan sets the direction to transform the city into a safer, greener, healthier and more prosperous place. Our heritage has a central role to play in delivering these aspirations, helping to raise the standard of living and promote the city as an international cultural destination and place to do business.

Nottingham has a track record of successful heritage led regeneration and Nottingham City Council is dedicated to championing heritage in the city, securing its future by putting it to use in how the city grows and regenerates.

Nottingham Heritage Strategy 2015 to 2030

List of Potential Heritage Projects

Many heritage projects and initiatives are already active in the city, and many more are programmed over the next few years. The list highlights a series of potential projects identifying actions for each of the aims and objectives set out within the Nottingham Heritage Strategy.

Importantly it is not an exhaustive list of projects, and its content will be regularly reviewed.

List of Potential Heritage Projects Nottingham Heritage Strategy

Action Plan

The Action Plan includes a series of projects that will create the infrastructure needed to deliver and resource the Nottingham Heritage Strategy over the next 10-15 years. Together with projects and initiatives already ongoing in the city, the Action Plan will help build momentum and establish working frameworks in the city.

The Year 1 Action Plan is the first in a series of plans that will be drawn up each year to deliver the Nottingham Heritage Strategy.



Consultation Documents for Action Plan Projects  Bulwell Town Conservation Area

A Conservation Area for Bulwell