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A Heritage Strategy for the City

The Nottingham Heritage Strategy 2015-30 was created to define the long-term principles and approach to managing the city’s heritage. This is centred upon understanding the contribution of heritage, capitalising on its potential and celebrating the city’s rich history.

The strategy recognises the role heritage plays in terms of tourism, regeneration, culture and investment. It also outlines potential challenges, such as finding resources, improving the condition of buildings and raising the profile of the city. This requires collaboration with the private sector, educational institutions, charities, as well as national and regional organisations.

Nottingham Heritage Strategy 2015 to 2030

Heritage Action Plans

Nottingham City Council is dedicated to developing this heritage strategy via detailed actions plans that are updated on a regular basis.  These actions outline a list of projects that have a tangible impact upon the fabric of the city, such as developing a Building’s Preservation Trust, or enhancing the local listing database.

The first Actions Plans were conducted between 2015-2017, and were temporarily replaced by the Heritage Action Zone scheme which led to significant improvements to various conservation areas throughout the city. Following the completion of this project a new Heritage Action Plan was published in 2023.