Nottingham Local List

The council has approved the adoption of a heritage local list, which will ensure that a number of the city’s most treasured heritage assets currently not given national protection through Historic England listing, are protected and remain a key part of the city’s heritage for the benefit of future generations.

Many of the city’s most significant historic buildings and heritage assets are protected either by national listing, such as Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments or Registered Parks and Gardens or due to their location, such as being in a conservation area. However, many more significant buildings, historic landscapes and archaeological remains are not formally recognised, meaning they are at risk of being overlooked and being lost through demolition.

Local Lists help highlight key heritage assets, which showcase the city’s history, providing a link to its unique past. Local Lists differ from national schemes as they draw attention to assets that are special because they are locally important.

If you would like to get involved we will soon have an application form here for you to suggest historic buildings, archaeology or parks and gardens to add to the list. This will include questions about the type of heritage, associated history, materials, use and location. We would also like your photos. All this will help a panel to be able to assess the building, archaeology or designed landscape for selection onto the list. Below you can see the criteria against which the heritage asset is considered and the selection process.

If you have any questions about the Local List please contact Alice Ullathorne at