Here you will find basic specification information for Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicles.

Basic Specification for Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicles

The information set out below will give applicants a guide when selecting a vehicle to be licensed. (A list of vehicles licensed by this authority is available from the Licensing Office on request)

  • Front Engine Petrol, Diesel or Hybrid - Front or Rear Wheel Drive
  • Minimum Engine Capacity of 1600cc for conventional 4 passenger vehicles (Petrol or Diesel)
  • Minimum Engine Capacity of 1400cc for conventional 4 passenger vehicles (Hybrid)
  • Right hand drive
  • Four passenger doors, including the driver's door, except London-style cabs (Hackney Carriages) and access from doors to seats must be direct, without having to fold or move seats to gain access
  • Manufacturers gross vehicle weight for the tyres and suspension actually fitted to the vehicle must be sufficient for a minimum payload equal to a full fuel tank, the driver and the number of passengers for which a licence is requested (at 70kg per person) and luggage (at 20kg per passenger) and where propane of liquid petroleum gas is used as the vehicle fuel, the weight of extra equipment must be within the gross weight limit

Wheels and Tyres

  • Four road wheels fitted with manufacturers recommended size tyres
  • A spare tyre of the same type as fitted to the road wheels or a space saver tyre should be supplied or generator and the sealant supplied as standard with the vehicle
  • Run flat tyres where fitted as standard by the vehicle manufacturer

N.B: All tyres must be cross-ply or radials (remould tyres are NOT acceptable unless they are clearly marked showing that they comply with British Standard (BSAU 144E)

  • A permanent roof, which is watertight - a standard sun roof (i.e. sun roof fitted when new by the manufacturer)
  • A separate locking luggage area (i.e. boot of 15 cubic feet minimum) or in the case of an estate vehicle, a permanent grille fitted sufficient to prevent luggage carried out in the rear from coming into contact with persons using the rear seat
  • Seat belts for all passengers and driver including rear seat belts irrespective of the age of the vehicle
  • Nearside or offside exterior rear view mirrors
  • Sufficient means by which a passenger can communicate with the driver
  • An appropriate taxi meter (Hackney Carriages only). Hackney Carriages shall be fitted with an approved Taxi Meter containing ONLY the fare rates approved by the Council

Private Hire Vehicles may be fitted with a meter at a rate approved by the operator being worked for. (Private Hire Vehicles do not have to be fitted with a meter, though it is good practice to use a meter and all Nottingham City Council licensed Operators require their drivers to have a meter fitted with their fares).

  • The official Council's rates of fare are to be on display visible to all passengers in Hackney Carriages
  • An approved First Aid Kit
  • A fully serviceable fire extinguisher fitted in such a position to be readily available for use and a capacity not less than 1.0 litres AFFF or 1 kg dry powder. (The extinguisher must be in date -date found on the base of extinguisher which has a serviceability life of 5 years)
  • A clean and smart appearance both internally and externally with a uniform body colour and free from signs of rust, corrosion and damage

Vehicles that meet our specifications 

A list of all vehicles that meet Nottingham City Council specification is available.

Further information

For further information please contact the licensing office at