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A new S106 Estimator tool has been produced to help estimate the likely S106 contributions that the Council will seek for different types of development.  The tool is designed to make the process more open and transparent and will give a summary of likely financial contributions for the following key infrastructure;

  • Affordable Housing
  • Open Space
  • Education; and
  • Employment & Training

There will be instances where additional contributions will be required, but these will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, not formula based in the same way and so cannot be included in the estimator.  It is therefore important to also have early discussions with the planning service to understand what  additional S106 contributions may also be required for a proposed development in addition to those set out in the S106 Estimator. 

The tool can be assessed by clicking the link below.  You are advised to read all the details set out before using the tool and always use the tool via the link below to ensure you have the latest version.   

S106 Estimator

Once you open up the estimator click on the button that best describes the type of development you are proposing either; Residential Development - non student, Residential Development - purpose built student developments or Commercial developments.

On each relevant sheet please complete the boxes in yellow and the rest of the fields are then populated via the built in formulas.

The estimator determines the contributions by using standard formulae and these are automatically calculated on the spreadsheet once all relevant information is entered.

If a mixed use scheme is being proposed then each relevant sheet needs completing.

S106 Estimator

The S106 Estimator will calculate the following contributions that the Council may seek dependent on the type of development.

Type of Scheme Affordable Housing Open Space Employment & Training Education
Residential - non student Yes Yes Yes Yes
Residential - Purpose Built Student Yes Yes Yes No
Commercial No Yes Yes No

S106 Estimator

Since the adoption of the Local Plan, the government has made significant changes to the Use Class Order. The Council has prepared this Statement on Use Class Change which sets out how policies in the Local Plan and  Supplementary Planning Documents that refer to specific use classes can be applied in light of these changes.  The Council will continue to seek S106 contributions in line with the adopted Local Plan and Supplementary Planning Documents.  

The cost of S106 contributions will be updated when new information is made available.  Details of updates contributions will be set out on the S106 Contributions revised costs page.  It is imperative therefore that the latest version of the S106 Estimator is always used.  See link below.

S106 Estimator

This is a working tool to help developers understand the likely contributions that the Council will seek and cannot be a comprehensive assessment of all S106 contributions that the Council may request in light of a full evaluation of a planning application taking into account all material considerations. 

The tool is provided without prejudice to any decision the Council may take in the future and that the results are not binding on the Council or any of its committees.

S106 Estimator

If you have any questions, please direct them in the following ways:

Query Email
General S106 queries
Technical issues related to the S106 Estimator Tool


The S106 Estimator will be kept under review to ensure that it complies with any changes to legislation, guidance, new Supplementary Planning Documents.

For completeness, set out below is a note of changes to Estimator.

Version Date Summary of Change
5.1 January 2024

Education contributions increased in light of revised national figures

  • Primary £20,946 
  • Secondary £21,235 
5.0 April 2023

Updates to Affordable Housing, Open Space and Employment & Training

4.2 Dec 2022

Education contributions increased in light of revised national figures.

  • Primary £18,832 (page 13)
  • Secondary £18,625 (page 20)
4.1 July 2022

Employment and Training costs revised from April 2021 to June 2022 (12.919%)

4.0 April 2022

Revised contributions for Open Space and Affordable Housing incorporated into a new version.

3.1 6 December 2021

Education calculation updated to reflect increased cost of providing school places. Primary school places £17,650, Secondary school places £17,321.


Changes made to make calculation of pre employment training consistent across commercial and residential developments.

2.1 13 September 2021

Mixed use class updated to 9.4 FTE construction workers per £1m build cost from 7.1FTE

Build cost threshold for employment and training calculation changed so £1million threshold applies to whole cost of development. Calculation is still based on the build cost of each individual part (residential, student and commercial).

2.0 19 May 2021 Amended to incorporate guidance from new SPDs (Purpose Built Student Accommodation and Education).
1.1 9 April 2021 Rounding issue amended for Affordable Housing Contributions where on site affordable houses are provided.
1.0 March 2021 First version published.

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