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Do I need Planning permission?

Information for planning permission

Most new building work needs planning permission. Planning permission is also needed for some changes to how land and buildings are used.

Minor work

Some minor work and certain changes of use are classed as 'permitted development', which means that an application for planning permission is not needed. The Planning Portal website advises on a range of common projects, and on the permissions, you may need.

House Extensions

Certain house extensions, which are classed as permitted development, still require you to give us prior notification instead of applying for planning permission.

Some changes of use, that are now classed as permitted development, still require you to give us prior notification instead of applying for planning permission.

Read the Permitted Development: House Extensions and Change of Use page for more information and to notify us.

Houses in Multiple Occupation

If you are planning to rent out a property to a group of people, or increase the number of people living together in a shared house (a 'House in Multiple Occupation', or HMO) you may need planning permission because of an Article 4 Direction that applies across the city.

Lawful Development Certificate

If you think that your proposals are 'permitted development', and you would like written confirmation that planning permission is not needed, you can apply for a Lawful Development Certificate.

Getting a Lawful Development Certificate before work is done can be particularly useful for the future when a property is sold. This is because it is disclosed on a Local Land Charges search, and is a record to buyers that the building work covered by the certificate didn't need planning permission.

Building Regulations

Almost all building work needs to comply with the Building Regulations. The Regulations ensure that buildings are safe, accessible, energy efficient and structurally sound. Our Building Control service can work with you to ensure that your building complies.

Read more about the Building Regulations

Other Permissions

You may need permission from us for the display of advertisements. Parts of Nottingham are subject to additional controls on boards advertising property 'To Let'. Click here for more information about local controls on 'To Let' boards.

You may also need our permission for the demolition of buildings, alterations and extensions to Listed Buildings, and works to some trees.

The Planning Portal website lists a range of other permissions that you may need before you start work.