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If you are proposing to carry out works to trees, please see the information below, and follow the NCC Guidance Note document.

Tree Preservation Orders

Special planning controls that protect trees, and what you need to do if you intend to fell, prune or do work to them.

Many trees that are important to the local environment are subject to Tree Preservation Orders. This means that you need to apply to us for permission to fell, prune or do other work to them. It is an offence to do work to a tree covered by a Tree Preservation Order without first getting permission from us. Our Planning Enforcement Team investigate reports of illegal work on protected trees.

Click here to find out if a tree is subject to a Tree Preservation Order.

You can apply for permission online, through the Planning Portal.

Trees in Conservation Areas

If a tree is in a conservation area but is also subject to a Tree Preservation Order you must apply for permission as described above.

Click here to find out if your property is in a Conservation Area

You must give us notice if you want to fell, prune or do work to any other tree that is in a Conservation Area. As a minimum, we need to know:

  • Your contact details
  • The address of the property where the tree is
  • The location of the tree within the property, marked on a plan if possible
  • A full description of the work you want to do

You can send your notification to us by either the Planning Portal or by post.

Once you have notified us you must wait until:

  • Six weeks have gone by and we have not responded to you. As from 1 April 2017 the city council will no longer issue a decision letter

If we do not think that the proposed work is acceptable, we will discuss the work with you and try to agree upon an alternative specification. If an agreement cannot be reached we may respond by making a Tree Preservation Order. If a Tree Preservation Order is made, you cannot proceed with any work unless you have applied for and been granted permission, as described above.

Protected Trees That Are Dead or Dangerous

Except in an emergency, you must give us at least five days written notice before you carry out works on a dead or dangerous tree that is subject to a Tree Preservation Order or is within a conservation area. If you need to fell or do other works to a tree in an emergency, you should notify us in writing as soon as possible after carrying out the work. Wherever possible, we recommend that you contact us for our advice before carrying out work.

If you have concerns about the condition of a tree that is on public land maintained by the Council (e.g. streets, parks and cemeteries) please contact our Tree Services Team.

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