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The Government has announced that Commissioners are to be appointed for Nottingham City Council.  For further information, the council’s response and FAQs can be read here.

Roles of a coroner

One of the roles of a coroner is to determine the cause of death and decide whether the circumstances of the death need further investigation.

In many cases, a doctor who knew the person in life can propose a cause of death. If the coroner is satisfied with this then no further medical investigation may be required.

However, in some cases, the coroner will need to ask a pathologist to examine the body after death and provide an opinion to help the coroner determine the cause of death.

Post-mortem examination (PM)

That examination after death is known as a post-mortem examination (PM). The PM shall take place within 10 workings days of HM Coroner’s instruction, with interim results usually provided soon after and a full report following.

HM Coroner shall release the body for funeral as soon as possible after the interim results have been sent.

Non-invasive PM examination

Some families may request a non-invasive PM examination due to their religious or cultural beliefs and we are keen to meet these wishes wherever possible.

Non-invasive PMs, also known as digital autopsies, involve a CT scan of the deceased with a consultant radiologist then providing the results to the pathologist for them to include in their report to the coroner. Digital autopsies are not always conclusive and therefore it may be that an invasive post mortem examination is still required. Due to the CT scan report needing to be reviewed by a pathologist before confirmation it is sufficient and not invasive examination is required, there may be additional time before the body can be released for funeral.

Registering the death formally

You can only register the death formally once HM Coroner has ended their investigation into the death. If you would like to request an interim Fact of Death certificate to assist with any arrangements, please speak to your allocated officer.


The timescale that final post mortem examination reports are completed shall depend on any additional specialist testing that the pathologist may have requested. The allocated officer shall advise you of the likely timescales and contact you if it is likely to take any longer that originally advised.

Being kept up to date

The case officer shall ensure that you are kept informed of any updates in relation to HM Coroner’s investigation, this may mean that there are a number of weeks between contact with HM Coroner’s Service and this is perfectly normal. We would encourage you to wait until the timescales indicated for an update have passed prior to contacting the office as it is most likely that there will have been no progress.

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