Covid-19 Guidelines

Now that Covid-19 guidelines are less restrictive, our services are experiencing challenges around rising case numbers and staff self-isolating. This impacts on areas such as Waste Collections and we are now having to prioritise statutory services of general household waste and recycling collections.

We are advising that all residents place their brown lid garden bin out as usual, but if it is not emptied then we would ask for it to be taken back in until the next scheduled garden collection. 

We appreciate your patience at this time and thank you for your understanding as this is a constantly evolving situation. 

There are things you can do to help us help you:

  • Why not compost at home to reduce the waste going into your bins?​ Composting is an inexpensive, natural process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient rich food for your garden, it will also help you contribute to Nottingham being the first carbon neutral city in the country! This guide will show you how to get started and provide you with useful tips on how to get the most out of your compost bin
  • Make sure your bins are out at the right time for collection
  • Consider not mowing the lawn for the time-being to reduce your garden waste
  • Consider taking excess garden waste to the local tip (Redfield Road Household Waste and Recycling Centre)

Changes to Garden Waste Collections

Fortnightly garden waste collection will end on 30 September and monthly collections during October and November will start from Monday 11 October and end Friday 19 November. Residents should present their garden waste bin with their recycling bin but bearing in mind the current pressure with driver shortages and illness, we are making a commitment to ensure that if a round is missed on the appointed day, that it will be collected on the following Saturday. (eg. If collection should be Monday the 11th then it will be collected Saturday 16th).

Following on from the difficult decision to continue to suspend collection of all reported missed bins due to the impact of COVID-19, we are happy to now be at the stage of being able to re-implement a limited service.  This includes all bin types (green bin, recycling bin and garden waste).

There is a continued increase in the number of people staying and working from home, and Nottingham City Council are seeing a significant increase in the amount of waste being presented which continues to disrupt the amount of resource available in our waste services team as the vehicles get fuller quicker than the rounds are planned for, which is why we are only able to offer a limited service as the Country moves towards a return to normal ways of working.

Please report every missed bin using the form below and we will inform you immediately if capacity allows us to collect within 3-5 working days.  If we are unable to return on this occasion, your details will be recorded and passed on to our crews to ensure collection next time, and we ask you to present your bin on the next scheduled collection day.  To get the most out of your bin before your next collection day please see some tips below:

  • Recycling Waste (Grey Lid Bin): Please compress recycling waste by flattening or crushing items like cans and plastic milk bottles and cut up cardboard boxes to make more room in your recycling bin.  Please note that large cardboard boxes presented as side waste may not be collected if they do not fit back into the bin so that the crew can safely use the vehicle lift to empty the bin.
  • General Waste (Green Bin):We anticipate that there will be additional waste presented and we will do our very best to collect if presented in bags at the side of the bin on the next scheduled collection, but please bear with us as our crews need to make daily decisions on clearing all side waste based on the amount of waste collected from emptying wheeled bins
  • Garden Waste (Brown Bin): You can now order an additional garden bin and pay for an annual collection charge as well as continually having your first free garden waste bin emptied online here. If you do not require an additional bin you can take your garden waste to the local tip (Redfield Road Household Waste and Recycling Centre).
  • Additional Advice can be found at

We thank you for your continued patience during these unprecedented times.

Report a missed bin

Completing this service should take around 5 minutes.

To complete this service you will need.

  • Your contact details
  • Address where the bin was missed
  • Type of bin
Report a missed bin collection

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