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When are Elections Held?

Nottingham City Council administer all local, regional and national elections that take place in the City.

List of Elections and when they are held

Type of Election

Held Every

Next Election

UK Parliamentary Election 5 Years by December 2024
Combined County Authority Mayor 4 Years 2nd May 2024
Police and Crime Commissioner Election 4 Years 2nd May 2024
Local Council Election 4 Years

6th May 2027

Referendums N/A

When called

Referendums can be held on a local, regional or national level. Some referendums, such as one on whether the City should have an Elected Mayor must be requested via a petition signed by 5% of the electorate.

The current figure for the number of signatures needed to support a valid petition to request an Elected Mayor can be found by clicking below link.

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