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Elections are your chance to have your say on how Nottingham and the country is run. You can cast your vote either in person, by post or by nominating a proxy.

Voting is quick and easy to do! Firstly you will need to make sure you're registered to vote. If you haven't already you can click on the link below to register online

Register to vote

Alternatively you can call the elections team on 0115 876 4111.

Special Arrangements may need to be made for students, members of HM Armed Forces, UK citizens living abroad and homeless persons. Visit the Special Arrangements for Registering to Vote page for more information. 

Casting Your Vote

You can cast your vote either in person, by post or by nominating a proxy.

Voting in Person

Voting in person at a polling station is very straightforward and there is always a member of staff available to help if you're unsure what to do.

You will be sent a polling card prior to any election which will have on it your polling number, name and address, along with the address of your polling station, the date of the election and the hours of polling. For example, your polling station may be your local library, church hall or community centre. If someone in your household does not receive a polling card and they are eligible to vote, or if the polling cards are not in the correct names please contact us immediately.

If you have lost your poll card, you can find out where your nearest polling station is by using our polling station finder.

Polling station finder

On Election Day

On election day, go to your polling station. Polling station opening hours are 7am to 10pm. If you are disabled and need assistance getting to the polling station, contact your electoral registration office to find out what help is available. You can also ask to have a companion with you when you vote, or staff in the polling station may be able to help you.

Tell the staff inside the polling station your name and address so they can check that you are on the electoral register. You can show them your poll card, but you do not need it to vote.

The staff at the polling station will give you a ballot paper listing the parties and candidates you can vote for. It will be stamped with an official mark. You may be given more than one ballot paper if there is more than one election on the same day. If you have a visual impairment, you can ask for a special voting device that allows you to vote on your own in secret.

Take your ballot paper into a polling booth so that no one can see how you vote. Read the ballot paper carefully, it will tell you how many votes you have. Do not write anything else on the paper or your vote may not be counted.

Finally, when you have marked your vote, fold the ballot paper in half and put it in the ballot box. Do not let anyone see your vote. If you are not clear on what to do, ask the staff at the polling station to help you


Measures in place at Polling Stations to help protect against Covid-19

There will be a number of measures in place at polling stations to help protect against Covid-19 including:

  • Separate entrances and exits where possible
  • Altered layouts to allow for social distancing when waiting to vote and when completing a ballot paper, but still ensuring electors can cast their vote in secret
  • Polling station staff wearing PPE
  • Voters asked to wear face covering where possible and use hand sanitiser when they enter the polling station
  • Voters encouraged to bring their own pen or pencil
  • Polling booths regularly sanitised.

A video on what measures to expect at polling stations can be found below



Hands, Face, Space, Pen

Postal Vote

Anyone can apply to vote by post but you must complete an application form. Once you have completed an application form your details will be entered onto a list of postal voters and an acknowledgement letter will be sent to you. Postal Vote Application forms can be returned to us in the post or by email as a scanned attachment. If sending by email as a scanned attachment, the image must show a signed form and not a typed signature.

Return the signed and scanned form via email us at elections@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Or return the form to the following address:

Electoral Services, Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3NG

You can choose to vote by post for an individual election, for a specified timescale, or indefinitely for all future elections. If you apply to vote by post indefinitely you will only need to apply again if you change your address.

Prior to the election, you will be sent a polling card advising you of your postal voting arrangements.

You will then be sent your postal vote through the post approximately 10 days before the election. It will include your ballot paper, a ballot paper envelope, a postal voting statement and a return envelope.

You mark your ballot paper in secret and seal it up in the ballot paper envelope, then complete the postal voting statement by entering your date of birth and signature. You must make sure the statement is completed properly or your vote may be rejected.

Proxy Vote

If you cannot get to a polling station in person and do not wish to vote by post you can appoint someone to vote on your behalf. This is called voting by proxy.

You must have a reason for applying to vote by proxy such as working away, studying at university or being infirm etc. On the application form, you must state why you cannot attend your polling station in person and who you wish to appoint as your proxy. If you wish to apply for an indefinite proxy you may also need to get someone to attest your forms such as your employer, lecturer or doctor/nurse. Once you have completed an application form your details will be entered onto a list of proxy voters and an acknowledgement letter will be sent to you and your proxy.

If you are not going to be at home for a particular election, for example away on holiday, you can appoint a proxy for one election and this does not need to be attested but you must give a reason. You can download a proxy voting form for your particular circumstances below:

Proxy Application forms can be returned by email as a scanned attachment, or by fax. If sending by email as a scanned attachment, the image must show a signed form and not a typed signature.

If you have a medical emergency, or if your employment requires you to be away from home at short notice, after the deadline for ordinary proxy applications has passed, you may be able to apply for an emergency proxy.

Shortly before an election your proxy will be sent a proxy polling letter which shows both your details as the elector and the proxy's details. They may take this letter to the polling station as it will assist the staff there in finding your details on the register, however it is not compulsory.

Your proxy will then be issued with your ballot paper which they mark in secret, in a booth and then place it in a sealed ballot box which will be counted after the close of polling.

A proxy does not have to vote in person at a polling station. If they cannot or do not need to go in person themselves, they can apply to vote by post. If you are already a proxy and would also like to vote by post please contact the Electoral Services on the number given below.

For further information please contact Electoral Services on 0115 876 4111 or email us at elections@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

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