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Explanation of Section 58 Restrictions:

Section 58 restrictions serve as a legal safeguard to preserve streets after significant works have been completed. These restrictions prohibit other works promoters from excavating the newly constructed areas or conducting successive works in the same location.

The purpose of these restrictions is to legally hinder the initiation of future planned works within a predetermined time frame following the completion of the initial works.

The duration of the restriction varies based on the type of work carried out and the reinstatement category assigned to the street. This timeframe can range from six months to five years, ensuring the sustained integrity and usability of the newly developed or reconstructed areas.

Section 58 restriction notices and plans

For all queries regarding street works, road works and road closures,

  • Please e-mail Highway Management

You can view currant roadworks on One Network Nottingham Map

Permit Scheme for Road Works

Contractors (including Utility Companies, Transport Authorities and the Councils own Highway teams) are now required to obtain a permit to carry out road works to minimise disruption and road congestion.

Anyone carrying out road works in a permit street will need a permit from us.

This includes:

  • Works by utility companies
  • Works that we and our partners carry out.

It does not include activities such as

  • Builder's skips and scaffolding where the existing arrangements will be maintained.

The permit scheme will apply to all streets maintained by Nottingham City Council as highway maintainable at public expense.

Nottingham Permit Scheme for Road Works and Street Works 2015.

Where immediate work is needed to take place on a traffic sensitive street, it is a condition of the permit scheme that we are notified immediately by telephone (24 hours a day).

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