If you are being discharged from hospital and are facing homelessness, you should let the hospital nurse staff know as soon as possible. All hospitals have a referral pathway for people who are at risk of facing homelessness upon discharge from hospital. The hospital nurse staff will ask the discharge team to help if they can.

Whether you are being discharged from hospital due to physical health, mental health or any other reason, we will make an assessment of your circumstances to see if we are able to assist you regarding your housing matter. Depending on your circumstances and needs, this assessment may take place in the hospital so don’t worry if you are unable to attend our offices.

Occupational Therapy

If you already have a home but it needs to be adapted, the hospital team may refer you to the council's home improvement agency, which is responsible for adaptations or disabled facilities grants. 

Alternatively you can refer yourself by contacting our Occupational Therapy team by calling: 0300 1310 300 or emailing: adult.contactteam@nottinghamcity.gov.uk. For more information on the Occupational Therapy Team please click here.

Housing to Health

Housing to Health is a service aimed at improving links between housing and health in Nottingham.
It's a partnership between Nottingham City Homes and Nottingham City Care Partnership. It's aimed at helping to ease the strain on the health service by providing suitable homes to speed up a patients discharge from hospital, or directing people at risk of being admitted to hospital due to their poor living conditions into good quality homes. Please see the Nottingham City Homes website for more information.


If neither of the above options are suitable you can contact Housing Aid by using the online assessment tool here.