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About The Centre

Evergreen is the creative, visual, performing arts day centre for people with learning difficulties in Nottingham City.

Evergreen is a collaboration between Springwood, Summerwood and Martin Jackaman Day Services for adults with learning disabilities in Nottingham City.

Evergreen offers a day service Monday to Thursday where citizens explore the freedom of expression through creative, visual and performance arts.

Contact us

For a friendly chat about our centre, including opening hours and appointments, please call us on 0115 876 3222.

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Evergreen has worked in the community to raise awareness around people with disabilities through small performances and workshops they have facilitated in schools and colleges.

Children's theatre - Evergreen has visited numerous Infant schools with its small musical production of The Three Little Pigs. The classic tale features all original songs created by the citizens attending the project.

Workshops - Evergreen has presented issues-based drama in Colleges, Secondary Schools and conferences around Nottinghamshire. Citizens explore the difficulties that people with disabilities face and encourage audience feedback by exploring communication techniques and comparing the varying needs of people with disabilities to those of their audience.

If you are interested in having Evergreen come to your school or college, please get in touch with us through the form below.

Evergreen works year round to produce short musicals that are performed in public venues. Citizens are supported to create costumes, scenery, music and props offering completely original productions that have become the focal point of Evergreen's achievements.

Productions begin with storyboarding and drama workshops exploring characterisation and improvisation. Songs are then fabricated around the initial storyboard and citizens are invited to suggest musical styles and sing medleys that will influence the structure of final songs.

Past shows: