Journeys to and from School in Nottingham 

Nottingham City Council would prefer all children to walk from home to school to encourage exercise and promote children's health.

This is not always possible and the journey to school should have careful consideration for both parent and pupil when choosing a schoolTravel options should be investigated so that suitable transport is available or the school is within walking or cycling distance from home.

For some children, regardless of their proximity to school, walking is not an option. Where this is the case the Council would prefer pupils to use public transport services instead of travelling by car.

Nottingham City Student Travel

Nottingham City Transport offer discounted travel for every day or every now and then, with academic year passes on sale from mid-August.

Information can be found at Nottingham City Transport - Student Bus Travel.

Robin Hood passes are also available for students who travel on all buses, trains and trams in Nottingham

  • Travel to Primary School In Nottingham
    Transport policy for children in Nottingham, your choices and useful links.
  • Travel to Secondary school in Nottingham
    You are probably thinking about which school you would prefer your child to attend. Please take a moment to consider the journey to and from school, which will affect them for the next five to seven years.
  • Children with Special Transport Needs
    If you are the parent or carer of a child with special educational needs who has an identified special transport need, you may qualify for assistance with the cost of transporting your child to and from school.
  • Post 16 Transport in Nottingham
    Students attending Sixth Form Schools or Further Education Colleges are generally not entitled to any assistance with transport.