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This section tells you about Council Tax reminders, summons and how to change you payment arrangement.

I have received a reminder or I want to change my current payment arrangement 

The bill for Council Tax will state how it should be paid. Normally it will be monthly instalments on dates shown on the bill. If an instalment is not paid a reminder will be issued.

You can only create a payment arrangement if you haven’t received a summons or a final notice

Create a new payment arrangement

If you have received a final notice you cannot create a new payment arrangement and need to pay in full to avoid the issue of a summons.

Ways to Pay Your Council Tax

I have received a Summons

A summons will be given to you if after the reminder you have not paid. Costs will be charged as well as the Council Tax.

We will ask the magistrates court to give a liability order which enables us to take steps to recover the unpaid Council Tax. This includes passing it to a bailiff to recover. 

The summons will show a payment arrangement that will be acceptable. Provided you make these payments by the due date then no further action will take place once the liability has been issued.  There is no need to contact the Council if you intend to make these payments.  

Set up my Summons arrangements

To avoid further action and costs the summons must be paid in full before the court date.
If a liability order is granted against you because Council Tax is not paid, this information may be shared with Credit Reference Agencies and other Third parties to assess creditworthiness.

Attending court

If you accept that you have not paid the tax as billed or will be making the payments as set put on the summons there is no need to attend court.

The Court cannot consider the following matters or make a payment arrangement with you:

  1. If you are liable or not to pay the Council Tax
  2. If you believe the amount billed is wrong e.g. you have not been granted a discount or exemption
  3. You believe the Valuation Band is too high and you have appealed against it
  4. You have applied for Council Tax Support or believe you have not been given enough
  5. Whether you can afford to pay or not

You need to contact the Council Tax Section to discuss these issues or any other enquiries you have before the court date. They cannot be dealt with at the Court

Uploading Evidence

To upload evidence, you can do so online by clicking the button below.

Upload Evidence

Changes to enforcement (Bailiff) Fees

In 2014 the Government change the law on the fees that Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) can charge.

Once your case is sent to an Enforcement Agent it will cost you at least £75.

If an Enforcement Agent has to visit you to collect the unpaid Council Tax this will cost you at least a further £235.

We don't want to send your debt to an Enforcement Agent, so if you are finding it difficult to pay you to need to talk to us and make a payment plan.

Banding appeals

If you have appealed against your Council Tax banding the Council Tax should still be paid until the outcome of your appeal is known. If you are successful in your appeal any overpayment that results will be repaid.

Disagree with the bill

If you feel the bill is incorrect e.g. you believe someone else is liable or you should be given a discount or exemption you should contact Council Tax as soon as possible.

Problems paying your bills

If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax bill there are some things to consider that may help.

The Freeman on the Land movement, also known as the Sovereign Citizen movement, believes that they don't have to follow statutory laws. But this belief is not true under the law, and Nottingham City Council doesn't agree with it.

According to the Local Government Finance Act (LGFA) 1992 and related rules, residents can't avoid paying Council Tax by saying they are "freemen" or something similar. You have to pay Council Tax whether you agree with it or not, and you don't need a contract with the council for this. Any claims otherwise are wrong and not supported by the law.

The council tries to help with all Council Tax questions, but it can refuse to deal with long and unfounded inquiries that waste time and resources. This includes letters sent to the council's Chief Executive with incorrect arguments.

If you don't pay Council Tax because of freeman beliefs, you could be charged with wilful refusal or culpable neglect. This could lead to imprisonment.

Low income

If you are on a low income you may be able to get Council Tax Support to help with your bill. However, you must apply for this and provide all necessary information to support your claim. 

To check if you may be eligible you can try our online calculator

Until any claim for a Council Tax Support is assessed the Council Tax remains payable as billed and the remainder should be paid.

Council Tax Support may be awarded to households on a low income. It is based on household income, capital and personal circumstances.

Discounts, exemptions and reductions for people with disabilities

Check if you are entitled to a discount, exemption or reduction for people with disabilities.

If you have several debts and are experiencing problems in paying them it may help to get independent guidance from an advice agency. 
They may be able to help you prioritise your debts, work out how much you can afford and may negotiate repayments on your behalf. As well as advice on dealing with debt they may give information on Benefit entitlement and Council Tax discounts and relief. 

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