This section tells you more about how to appeal against your Council Tax bill

You can appeal on the following issues:

  • You do not agree you are liable for the tax
  • You do not agree with the dates you are shown as liable for the tax
  • You have not been given a discount you believe should apply
  • You have not been given an exemption you believe should apply
  • You have not been given a reduction for a person with a disability and you believe you are entitled
  • You disagree with a penalty that has been imposed

The appeal has two steps. Firstly, a written appeal must be sent to the Council explaining why an appeal is being made. The Council has 2 months to consider this and make a response. 

If the appeal is rejected or the Council fails to respond within 2 months a further appeal can be made to the Valuation Tribunal service, which is independent of the Council. More details on this service can be found at the Valuation Tribunal Service. Any appeal to this service must be made within 2 months of the Council rejecting the initial appeal or within 4 months of the initial appeal where the Council fails to make any response.

Pending any appeal being determined the Council Tax remains payable as billed.

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