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Before purchasing a memorial please view the options as listed below.

For a burial, an application may be made for a conventional styled memorial stone to be erected on the grave. The type and size of the memorial permitted will depend on the location of the grave within the cemetery e.g. Lawn or Traditional graves. Please view the Cemetery Regulations.

Book of Remembrance

The Books of Remembrance are situated at the Northern and Southern Cemeteries to provide an everlasting entry. The book is of hand made paper bound in the finest quality vellum and leather, emblazoned with the City Coat of Arms. Skilled craftsmen and women execute the memorial inscriptions by hand.

Relatives and friends may have a memorial entry consisting of two, five or eight lines recorded in the book on the anniversary of the date of death or other appropriate date. A badge, flower or other emblem that may be included with five or eight line entries. Memorial cards are also available for relatives or friends who may wish to have a copy of the inscription similar to the entry in the book. The entry in the Book of Remembrance is a permanent entry.

Wall Tablets

The wall tablets are situated at the entrance to the West Chapel at Wilford Hill only. Bronze type tablets are attached to the walls and each tablet may have a posy vase attached. The dedication of a wall plaque is initially for a period of five years and renewed annually.

Columbarium Niches

Both single and double Columbarium Niches are situated in the cloister area of the West Chapel at Wilford Hill only. They provide a resting place above ground for cremated remains and are sealed with a stone tablet, which bears an inscription. Columbarium Niches are leased for an initial period of five years and are renewable annually.

Posy Vases

These consist of a small vase in a wrought iron holder and are located in the Book of Remembrance room at both the Northern and Southern Cemeteries. Each vase has a small plaque that will accommodate an inscription up to three lines.
Posy vases are dedicated for a period of five years and are renewable every five years. (Note; at present a waiting list is in operation due to the popularity of this type of memorial).


A variety of trees have been planted within the grounds at Wilford Hill providing a living memory to a loved one. (Note; No trees are available at present). Trees are dedicated for periods of ten years.

Vaults (Cremated Remains Plots)

As an alternative to the Columbarium Niches, these vaults, situated in the Garden of Rest and Woodland Walk provide an underground chamber for up to two containers of cremated remains. A securely fixed capping stone, bearing a polished black granite tablet with gold leaf inscription covers the vault. These plots are dedicated for a period of thirty years.

Kerb Vases

Made from material simulating York Stone, these memorials are provided in the Garden of Rest and Woodland Walk and whilst they resemble the vaults, with granite or bronze plaques, these do not have any underground chambers.  Dedication period initially for a period of five years and renewable every five years.

Rose Bushes

Rose beds are situated in the Garden of Rest at Wilford Hill only. A small, inscribed plaque is placed in front of the rose. These provide a colourful display throughout the growing period and well into the autumn.
Roses are dedicated for a period of five years and are renewable every five years.

Cemetery Benches

Granite cemetery benches are available at the Southern Cemetery that are sited and anchored through the grounds of the cemetery and crematorium and provide a permanent feature for all the visitors to be able to sit and quietly contemplate their thoughts.  The areas where the benches are placed are very limited. The dedication period for bench plaques is initially for a five year period and renewable every 5 years. We no longer erect new wooden benches.

Babies Memorial Column

This memorial system is situated in the Babies Garden at the Southern Cemetery. Inscriptions, in gold leaf, are inscribed on a black granite plaque, which provides an attractive memorial. A motif may also be included with an inscription upon request.

Please consult the cemeteries office for information on all memorials

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