Funeral Care

The Nottingham Funeral is available to all residents of the City of Nottingham, regardless of culture or belief.

The scheme is also available to former city residents, who within three years before death, took up residence outside the City boundary to receive full-time care. Northern (Bulwell), Church, General, Basford Cemeteries or the Southern Cemetery and Crematorium (Wilford Hill) may be used.

The cost of the scheme is from £1957.00, prices subject to annual review.

All unavoidable disbursements are included, except the cost of Rights of Burial in a new grave.

The Co-Operative Funeralcare
605 Mansfield Road
0115 962 6403

The Co-Operative Funeralcare
Main Street
0115 975 6437

The Co-Operative Funeralcare
Farnborough Road
NG11 9DF
0115 945 6484

The Co-Operative Funeral Care
363 – 365 Aspley Lane
0115 929 5393

Lenton Funeralcare
7 Triumph Road
0115 978 5171

Services Provided

The services which the Council has agreed and provided by the funeral director are:

  1. Taking the deceased from a local place of death to the funeral directors premises, within two hours of the request 
  2. A place in the funeral director's Chapel of Rest where the body may be viewed on request
  3. Care of the deceased at the funeral director's premises
  4. A fabric shroud for the deceased
  5. A choice of coffins from the Nottingham Funeral range
  6. All funeral arrangements. If a religious service is required, including one at another location, a separate fee is likely to be charged
  7. Where circumstances permit, four suitably dressed bearers to carry the coffin
  8. The use of a hearse and following limousine to carry six people
  9. Transport of flowers from the funeral director's premises to the Cemetery or Crematorium and displayed in the appropriate area
  10. A member of the funeral staff to respond to your call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The scheme only covers the items listed above. If additional items are required the funeral director will give the client a written quotation in advance as per normal.