When examining the Local Plan Part 2 the Inspector considered the following key issues.

These are whether the Local Plan Part 2 is 'positively prepared', 'justified', 'effective' and 'consistent with national policy' and are known as the 'tests of soundness'.

Positively Prepared

This means that the Plan has objectively assessed the need for homes, jobs, services and infrastructure and these will be delivered where sustainable.


This means that the Plan is based upon a robust and credible evidence base and supports the choices made in the document.


This means that the Plan will deliver what it sets out to do, will actually happen and the required infrastructure can be provided.  The various landowners and stakeholders who will deliver elements of the Plan have also signed up to it and the Plan joins up with the strategies of neighbouring authorities.

Consistent with National Policy

This means that the Plan accords with the National Planning Policy Framework or provides clear and convincing reasons for doing something different.