Printed material distribution  

If you are planning to hand out samples, display mobile advertisement.

or intending to ask the public for a donation you will be required to complete an application for consent online.

There are five areas in the Nottingham City boundary that require you to be issued with a permit if you wish to distribute.

It is not permitted within the five areas to put any free printed material on car windscreens.

Examples of printed matter include:

  • Flyers
  • Free Newspapers
  • Free Samples (such as cans of drink, crisps etc)
  • Printed balloons
  • anything free and has printing on it

Outside the areas detailed on the maps above, there is no need to have a permit but a polite request is made to please clear up after yourself (and the people you give things out to!).

Please note that you cannot distribute leaflets in the Old Market Square unless you are doing so as part of a promotional booking of the space.  You may only distribute from the streets and areas around the Square and we ask that you don't approach anyone who is taking part in any events in the area.  If you would like to enquire into hiring a city centre promotional space please email  

People caught distributing printed material in one of the five areas without the correct consent will be issued with a fixed penalty fine of £75 or prosecuted.  The local authority will also take away the material being distributed.

The requirement to have a permit does not apply to material distributed by or on behalf of a charity, distribution is for political purposes, for the purposes of religion or a belief or delivering items to properties letter boxes.

For details, including prices, of how to apply for a permit please see:

Your application and payment has to be received at least 7 days before you wish to use the permit. 

For further information please contact the licensing office on 0115 915 6571.

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