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Complete the Apprentice Levy Transfer Request Form

The first thing a company needs to do is complete an Apprenticeship Levy Transfer Request Form. This can be downloaded here:

Create the company DAS (Digital Apprenticeship Service) Account

The next thing a company needs to do is create a company DAS (Digital Apprenticeship Service) Account on the Government Gateway website. This helpful YouTube link explains how to do this:

Provide Nottingham City Council with the DAS Account Pin No.

Once the DAS Account has been set up, the account PIN No. will need to be provided to Nottingham City Council. This number will enable Nottingham City Council as the transferring employer to digitally connect with the company (receiving employer) on the DAS.

Input the Apprenticeship details

After that it’s a case of inputting the cohort (apprentice details, course, cost and duration) and ensure this is linked up to the training provider. This helpful YouTube link explains how to do this: 

The training provider will check that the details entered are accurate and will approve the transfer their end, and connect. 

A message will be received to say companies are successfully linked up, click yes, and the process is complete.

How Nottingham City Council pays for the Apprenticeship training

At the beginning of every month the funds will be automatically transferred and proportionately be transferred from Nottingham City Council's account, into the companies, out of the companies and into the training providers.

Twenty percent of the total cost will be saved over to pay for the end point assessment at the end of the apprenticeship (this is normal).

Nottingham City Council will help and assist companies all the way through the process 

We will help you facilitate the above process as smoothly as possible and will also discuss other avenues of funding that the company may be eligible for. Please contact antony.richards@nottinghamcity.gov.uk if any further assistance is required or there are a question/queries in relation to the levy.