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Health and Safety

Health and Safety Practise and Guidance

The Health and Safety team aim to protect people at work and those who may be affected by work activities by promoting and securing compliance with health, safety and welfare legislation and advising on best practice.

You must ensure that your business meets the necessary health and safety standards and procedures. You can find out more information about these standards along with lots of helpful guidance on the Health and Safety Executive website.


Accident Reporting
How to report work-related injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences.

Fire Safety in the Workplace
Who to contact for fire safety in non-domestic premises.

Beauty Treatments and Skin Piercing
We inspect a range of premises offering services where there is particular concern about client health.

Control of Legionella
Employer duties concerning Legionnaires' disease.

Cooling Tower Notification
Notify us if you have a cooling tower, evaporative condenser or find a list of current cooling towers in the City

Contact the Health and Safety Team
Find out how to contact the Health and Safety team
Smoking in the Workplace
Nottingham City Council is committed to supporting local businesses to reduce the harmful effects of smoking and tobacco use.