Request a Removal of a Bin, New Bin, Extra Bin or Change the Size of Your Bin

You can apply for a new bin, replace a missing bin or report a broken bin using the link above.

There is a £15.00 charge per bin, £20 for Landlords 

Request Removal of a Bin


Why Nottingham City Council introduced a charge for Replacement Bins

Although Nottingham City Council is statutorily obliged to provide waste services it is not required to provide containers. Currently the provision of replacement bins is costing Nottingham city council (and therefore the tax payer) approximately £155,000 a year. The council can no longer afford to provide all of the replacement bins free of charge. The charge has been introduced to cover the administration and delivery of replacement bins and is intended to encourage residents to take responsibility for the wheeled bins provided and to reduce demand for replacement bins.

What the Charge Covers

The charge is for the delivery and administration costs of the bin and includes VAT.

Doesn’t my Council Tax cover this cost?

No, council tax covers the cost of us emptying your bins and the disposal.

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