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Did you know Nottingham is one of a handful of Councils to offer a free, weekly, by appointment collection of bulky household waste items?

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To be eligible for this service you must be registered on the electoral roll.

Nottingham City Council can collect various items of bulky waste for free such as furniture, white goods and mattresses from your home address as part of our waste collection service.

Please note once booked you cannot add additional items to your bulky waste collection.

The Items We Will Collect

This service is for disposing of large items of household waste that either do not fit in the bin (e.g. furniture) or cannot be put out for your normal bin collection (e.g. a television). 

These items must be kept covered and dry. Sofas that have recliners on them need to be broken down to reduce the weight

Where one of these criteria is met, most things can be collected, but there are a few exceptions.

The Items We Won't Collect

We cannot collect the following items:

These items are hazardous and it is not safe for the collection teams if you dispose of them in this way

There are legal requirements around how tyres, batteries and asbestos are disposed of

Paint, pesticides and oil will leak in the vehicle and cause damage to the environment

You can take some of these items to your local tip at Redfield Road, Lenton

  • Bricks, rubble, tiles and soil
  • Scaffolding poles and similarly sized metal poles

These items damage our machinery

  • Car Parts
  • Bike tyres (we can collect bikes with the tyres removed)
  • Waste left by a tradesperson
  • Business or commercial waste
  • Items removed from properties by private landlords
  • Household waste that should go in your general, recycling or garden bin (if you have one) This includes food waste

This service is for large items of household waste that either do not fit in the bin (e.g. furniture) or cannot be put out for your normal bin collection (e.g. a television)

If the waste was made by a business, it must not be disposed of through this service

Smaller items of household waste, recycling and garden waste can be disposed of in your usual bin collections

  • We do not collect garden waste

Garden waste can be taken to your local Household Waste and Recycling Centre


Alternative Options

Please consider these alternatives to give unwanted items a new home as there are a number of charities and organisations that may be interested in second hand furniture and appliances if they are in good condition:

  • British Heart Foundation can collect furniture and electrical items by filling in a web form on their website (look for "Book a free Collection")
  • Freecycle is an online swap shop! Give your old furniture a second lease of life, as well as finding that item you have been looking everywhere for, for free! 
  • Remar UK is a Nottingham accept donations of good, clean furniture and household goods and arrange a free collection, Tel: 0115 985 6546
  • Redfield Road Household Waste and Recycling Centre is a special facility in Nottingham where you can take your separated recycling, garden waste and household waste

Important Information

  • Please ensure your items are placed in your front garden before 7am on the day your booking is made for
  • If the front of your property is not close to the road, please let us know and we will a collect from the back of your property
  • Items should not be put out before 7pm on the night before your collection. When doing so please ensure these do not cause an obstruction to pedestrians
  • Please ensure items are safely and neatly presented at the edge of the property and any items that you do not want collecting are kept completely separate. The collection crew will only take the items listed when the booking was made
  • Please consider that your items will be removed by two people so they must be small enough for them to carry together and no more than 6 foot in length, to fit into the vehicle

We can only collect your items if the following criteria have been met, otherwise some or all of your items may not be collected:

  • Any gates are left unlocked and our collection crew have access
  • Only items listed when booking a collection will be collected 
  • Your items must be outside
  • Soft furnishings that can soak up water must be covered and kept dry
  • Glass and mirrors (including door panels) must be covered with cardboard and masking tape
  • Microwaves should have the glass plates removed
  • Fridges and freezers should have food removed and be defrosted
  • If you are bagging waste please ensure you only use large, thick, bin liners to prevent them from ripping
  • wood and laminate flooring are in pieces no more than 6ft long. They should be tied in bundles and have any sharp items (i.e. nails) removed

Waste collection teams will visit each ward on a specific day each week. We collect white goods separately to other items, so different teams may collect your items at different times.

Cancelling a Collection

If you need to cancel your bulky waste collection, please follow the instructions in the confirmation email that you would have been sent when requesting the collection. 

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