Nottingham Local List

The council has a Local List, which will ensure that a number of the city’s most treasured heritage assets currently not given national protection through Historic England listing, are protected and remain a key part of the city’s heritage for the benefit of future generations.

Many of the city’s most significant historic buildings and heritage assets are protected either by national listing, such as Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments or Registered Parks and Gardens or due to their location, such as being in a conservation area. However, many more significant buildings, historic landscapes and archaeological remains are not formally recognised, meaning they are at risk of being overlooked and being lost through demolition.

Local Lists help highlight key heritage assets, which showcase the city’s history, providing a link to its unique past. Local Lists differ from national schemes as they draw attention to assets that are special because they are locally important. Below is a link to an online map, which shows candidates for the Local List that have either been Rejected, Not Assessed by the Selection Panel, Recommended for Addition by the Selection Panel or formally Adopted by Nottingham City Council. If you click on any candidate for the Local List reasons will be given about the decision that has been made. You can search by the ID number and location in the search box.

Local List Online Map

Click on the map below to find protected buildings and areas.

Map of sites

If you would like to get involved you can click on the link below to nominate historic buildings, archaeology or parks and gardens to add to the list. This will include questions about the type of heritage, associated history, materials, use and location. We would also like your photos. All this will help a panel to be able to assess the building, archaeology or designed landscape for selection onto the list. The criteria against which the heritage asset is considered can be found below alongside guidance notes and the selection process.

Local List Submission

Nominations for the Local List will be considered at quarterly selection panel meetings before a recommendation is made to the Councillor with the Portfolio for Housing Planning and Heritage for a decision regarding whether it should be adopted. The meeting dates in the next 15 months are:

  • 7th September 2021
  • 7th December 2021

The Local List Selection Panel has assessed the following candidates and recommended them for addition to the Local List. There will be a consultation on the candidates for 28 Days, the deadline for comments is 10th September 2021.

  • HA237 Radford Junior School
  • HA360 St Paul’s Church
  • HA913 Queens Walk Community Centre
  • HA917 Hyson Green Mission Hall
  • HA942 Old Leen Police Station
  • HA943 The Lenton Centre
  • HA946 The Old General Plaque
  • HA956 Bulwell Forest Golf Pavillion
  • HA963 Long Stairs
  • HA184 Emmanuel House
  • HA532 649 Woodborough Road
  • HA966 One Thoresby Street
  • HA 967 Former Barley Mow
  • HA968 641 Woodthorpe Road
  • HA969 Mapperley Methodist Church
  • HA241 Radford and Lenton Library
  • HA1 Johnson Arms
  • HA197 White Hart
  • HA265 Former Admiral Duncan
  • HA363 Canon Lewis Memorial Hall
  • HA1000 Former Parish Hall
  • HA1001 All Souls Parish Room
  • HA1002 265 Ilkeston Road
  • HA1003 Karlsruhe House
  • HA1004 Buttress Ltd – Former Saw Mill
  • HA1005 Railway Mission Hall
  • HA1006 Castle Rock Brewery
  • HA1007 Vat and Fiddle Public House

If you have any comments please contact us by calling 0115 8761993.

A full list of heritage sites in Nottingham can be found here