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Commissioners appointed |

The Government has announced that Commissioners are to be appointed for Nottingham City Council.  For further information, the council’s response and FAQs can be read here.

Nottingham City Council supports a scheme allowing vehicles used as a mobile workshop to park using a special 'Workshop Dispensation' permit.

This allows workers to park in certain restricted zones where it may be otherwise prohibited (i.e. Pay and Display bays or Yellow lines) to aid or carry out works.

A dispensation is not a permit to park anywhere and limitations will be made clear (normally stated on the permit itself).

If you wish to apply for a permit you can do so by requesting an application form by telephoning the dispensation team directly on 0115 876 1966 and selecting option 4 or by downloading an electronic copy from this page.

Please note this type of dispensation does not allow parking in a residential parking bay.

Apply for a Workshop Dispensation Permit

Completing this service should take around 10 minutes.

To complete this service you will need.

  • Company name
  • City wide contract (if applicable)
  • Proof of business
  • Photographs of VRM and vehicle
  • Vehicle make, model and registration number

Apply for a Workshop Dispensation Permit

What you need to know 

  • The person or company requiring the dispensation should complete this application form
  • There is a charge for each permit required. A) £300 for one year B) £175 for 6 months C) £25 for one day
  • If your permit is lost or stolen there is a charge of £75 for its replacement
  • There is a charge of £25 to change the registration number of your vehicle. Additional registrations cannot be added at this stage
  • Only the original permit must be displayed in the windscreen of the vehicle
  • Permits must not be photocopied, reproduced or amended, otherwise, a penalty charge notice will be served
  • Any permits found to be misused will be revoked, and no further permits will be issued to that person and vehicle


Service Cost 
Annual Permit £300.00
6 Month Permit £175.00
One Day only £25.00
Change of Details £25.00

Please be advised that if your permit is lost or stolen there is a charge of £75.00 for its replacement.

*payments can be made by completing the card payment slip at the foot of an application or by including a Cheque or Postal Order (made payable to 'Nottingham City Council')

Short Stay Parking Permission

1 Day Dispensation

Under exceptional circumstances, permission can be given for the parking of commercial vehicles only for up to 1 day for a charge of £25.00. The fee must be paid by card over the phone immediately and enables parking in Pay and Display bays, yellow lines and limited waiting bays.

Parking in Disabled Parking Bays is strictly prohibited under all circumstances.

This type of permission requires that the work is of a short term nature (can be completed within the day) and that there is an appropriate site available for the vehicle to be parked. Care should be taken to ensure that the longer term (£300.00) dispensation would not be more appropriate.

The vehicle registration, location and description will be given to the Nottingham City Council Enforcement Control immediately upon permission being granted.

Only the original permit can be displayed on the windscreen of the vehicle, they cannot be photocopied or amended in any format. Any misused permits will invoke a further penalty charge.