A-Boards and Advertising on the Highway

The use of A-Boards throughout the city has increased over the past few years. These are now causing a problem to pedestrians, and particularly the impaired and wheelchair users A proposal to remove A-Boards and other unauthorised advertisements from the highway was approved in May 2009. Discussions with local businesses decided that we would work together to develop an agreed policy and guidance.

This would allow A-Boards to be placed on the highway to promote businesses. This is subject to clear guidelines which, follow relevant legislation and ensure the safety and convenience of the public, particularly the visually impaired and wheelchair users.

Please download the A-boards and Other Advertising Structures on the Highway Policy and Guidelines for more information


Pavement Cafés

"Café Culture" is a growing trend in our towns and cities. There is a demand for eating and drinking outdoors, and many pubs, restaurants and cafés providing for this demand by using the footway to operate pavement cafés. However, if pavement cafés are not carefully controlled they can lead to pedestrians being endangered and people with impaired vision, mobility difficulties or prams being disadvantaged.

Explains the requirements and standards expected of pavement Café operators in Nottingham and guide those wishing to operate a pavement Café through how to apply for Highways Amenities Licences.

Apply for a Pavement Licence under the Business and Planning Act 2020

Pedestrianised Streets

The Traffic Management Team manage the operation of the pedestrianised streets as listed below in the City

  1. Nottingham City Centre "Clear Zone" where vehicles are prohibited between 10 am and 4:30 pm
  2. The Bulwell Town Centre, where vehicles are prohibited between 10 am and 4 pm, Monday to Saturday
  3. Forman Street, where vehicles are only allowed in between 6 am and 10 am

Traffic Regulation Orders

Traffic orders (Traffic Regulation Orders or TROs) are written legal documents developed by the Highway Authority.
They allow the Police (or district parking attendants) to enforce various regulations including speed limits, and other restrictions.
Advertisement for TROs is a requirement and must include at least one notice in the local press and notices on any roads that are affected by the order, as well as this the proposal, must be able to be viewed at a nominated council office for at least 21 days from the start of the notice proposal.

Contact us

Please contact Area Focus to discuss any traffic-related issues on highway.management@nottinghamcity.gov.uk