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Delay or stop an eviction

You may be able to delay or reach an agreement with the housing association before you are evicted. 
Nottingham Housing Aid provides personalised support and liaises between you and the association to improve your current state.
Housing Aid will review your case and either offer you alternative accommodation or provide security in your current accommodation. 

Eviction steps 

The process of eviction depends on the type of tenancy you have, but these are the overall steps:

  • You receive a written notice of eviction
  • If you do not leave or cannot come to an agreement, the housing association can apply to the court for a possession order
  • The court decides if you should be evicted
  • If you do not leave, bailiffs can remove you and your belongings

Rent repayment orders

Rent repayment orders are when the landlord or housing association has committed a relevant offence and prepays through housing benefit or universal credit.

Offences such as:

  • Harassment or illegal eviction
  • Having an unlicensed house in multiple occupations
  • Failure to provide safety improvements
  • Failure to license a property

Third party support 

 Charities can offer objective advice on how to prevent or resolve your eviction notice. Click below to visit some the the charities.