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Commissioners appointed |

The Government has announced that Commissioners are to be appointed for Nottingham City Council.  For further information, the council’s response and FAQs can be read here.

The Pollution Control Team is responsible for investigating complaints of dust, fumes and odour in your local area. A problem in your area? Report the problem by clicking the form below.

Report dust, fumes and odour

Report Dust, Fumes and Odour


Dust is a visible nuisance which can prevent people from opening their windows and using their gardens. Reducing the risk of dust causing a statutory nuisance is often a simple solution; regular damping, screening or both.

Fumes and Odours

 Fume and odour usually go hand in hand and therefore make it relatively easy to locate the source of the emissions.

Operators of processes capable of producing dust, fume and odour should not cause a nuisance to residents and other businesses in the area.

Complaints of dust, fumes and odour received by the Pollution Control Team are investigated and if a statutory nuisance is proven a Notice m