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Preparation and GuidanceĀ 

These webpages offer information and advice to Nottingham's residents, visitors and businesses on how to prepare for major emergencies and what to do if an emergency occurs. They also tell you about the work we are doing, with our partner agencies, in preparation for major emergencies, and how we would respond should an emergency occur.

What You can do to Prepare for Emergencies
Major emergencies are dealt with by the Emergency Services, Local Authorities, Health and Environment Agencies, Utilities and Voluntary Agencies in a combined response. In extreme conditions, there is a possibility that these agencies may not be able to reach the scene immediately. In such circumstances, the initial response may rely largely on local people and communities. These pages will tell you more about how you can prepare for such an eventuality.

Protecting Your Business Against Emergencies
The 1996 Manchester bombing had a devastatingĀ impact on local businesses. With a 700m cordon, the bomb affected over 600 businesses. Within 6 months 250 of these had gone out of business. Find out how can you help your business to be one of the survivors.

What We Are Doing to Prepare for Emergencies
Most of us plan for emergencies. We may give spare keys to neighbours, carry a donor card or first aid kit, organise who would pick the kids up from school if we were unavailable even if we don't expect a problem. Nottingham City Council also plans for the worst, but on a larger scale.