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Join our Nottingham Clean Champions scheme and help keep your neighbourhood litter-free.

By signing up to become a clean champion, you are joining over 7,000 volunteers across the City making a difference from their doorstep. Together, we can make Nottingham a cleaner place to live.

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Nottingham Clean Champions is an informal volunteering scheme to support you to make small changes in your neighbourhood. For example doing litter picks, reporting rubbish or fly tips, anything to help keep your neighbourhood free of litter. It is open to anyone living in the City, and we have over 800 clean champions both adults and children. If you require a further chat about the scheme, email or call 0115 8765752.

A clean champion volunteers to do litter picks. This can be on your own, with your family and friends or with other clean champions. Volunteering has so many benefits. Not only do you get out and about in the fresh air, you can also link up with other Clean Champions, meet new people, and feel good about your neighbourhood. And feel good that you are making a difference to your Community.

Please sign up by clicking on ‘Sign up to Nottingham Clean Champions’ and fill out a simple form. We look forward to welcoming you to the scheme!

We very much appreciate all the work our clean champions do in keeping our city clean. We hold a celebration event each year at the Council House. We also hold three meetings a year at Loxley House. We are currently developing a newsletter to keep you up to date and informed of any developments. There is also the Nottingham Clean Champion Facebook page to stay connected, where you can share your stories and experiences to highlight the great work you are doing. We are always here to help with any questions you may have.

Anywhere within the City boundary - if you are not sure, please get in touch. Please consider any dangers from the area where picking. We do ask that you do not litter pick near busy roads, watercourses or in secluded or dark areas. Remember to let other know where you are and have the means to raise the alarm in an emergency.

No, you can litter pick at your own leisure; we do not expect you to follow any set schedule or requirements. Some champions volunteer every day, once a week or just once a month.

You will receive everything you need to do a litter pick. The pack contains gloves, a hi-vis tabard, purple bin bags and of course a litter pick.

This is so that we can recognise a clean champion has done a litter pick.

You can request more equipment by emailing us on or calling 0115 8765752.

We ask that you wear appropriate clothing for the weather and area you intend to litter pick. For example, if it is sunny wear a hat and use sunscreen. Wear clothing to protect your arms and legs from brambles/nettles. Always wear sensible footwear, not sandals.

You can pick up anything like cans, cigarettes, plastic bottles, plastic wrapper, plastic bags, cupboards, boxes, crisps packets, etc.

Hazardous waste like dog fouling, glass or needles, or suspected asbestos material. Please report these to Nottingham Clean Champions customer services as these require specialist collection. Should you find a knife, call 101.

We don’t give any particular training. However, we offer guidance to ensure you are safe. There is some guidance to read and accept when you sign up online.   

Many of our volunteers like to do litter picks with others.  The best way to get in touch with other clean champions is via our Facebook page or come along to one of our events to meet other volunteers. We also want to make clean-ups a part of daily life, and encourage new people to be part of the pick. So please, share you pictures on our social media as widely as possible using our Facebook page.

No, as this is a volunteering scheme. We don’t expect you to travel unnecessarily, and we provide all the equipment you need.

Yes! For bigger groups such as community groups, schools, colleges, tenants and residents associations, and businesses we can help by lending out equipment for specific events. Just sign up to become a volunteer, and we will be in touch.

At Nottingham City Council we want to  know how much you have collected and how many people are standing up and saying – no more to litter!  And we want to tell everyone about it.  After you have completed your clean up, please report it.

Online at  Available 24 hours a day.

Dedicated Customer Services number 0115 8765079 (9am – 5pm) and explain where you have left your rubbish.  

For large litter picks or issues concerning the litter in your area contact your Neighbourhood Services Manager.




Bulwell and Bulwell Forest

Darren Tattersall


Basford and Bestwood, Top Valley

Leon lewis


Aspley, Bilborough and Leen Valley

Glen Simms


Arboretum and Radford

Chris Wiley


Wollaton West, Lenton and Wollaton

Jane Ludlow


Berridge and Sherwood

Tony Brown


City Centre

Tony Pap


Mapperley and St Anns

Mark Sunderland


Meadows and Dales

Tony Bamford


Clifton East and Clifton West

Paul Brown


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Contact Clean Champion Customer Services on 
0115 8765079

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