Neighbourhood Planning

Plans for the neighbourhood

Neighbourhood Plans give rights and powers for local communities to have a greater say in shaping the future of places where they live and work. Please click below for more information.

What are Neighbourhood Plans

They are developed by 'Neighbourhood Forums', a Neighbourhood Plan can set out general planning principles for the development of the Neighbourhood. Neighbourhood Plans are about supporting growth and must be consistent with national planning policy and the policies in the City Council's Local Plan.

Neighbourhood Development Orders

These allow local communities to grant planning permission for certain types of development that they want to see go ahead in a community area. Neighbourhood Development Orders could, for example, allow new homes and offices to be built without developers having to apply for separate planning permission.

Community Right to Build Orders

An order that can be made by the local planning authority that grants planning permission for a site-specific development proposal or classes of development.

What Support is available for Neighbourhood Planning?

The Localism Act introduced a number of rights to empower communities. This includes Neighbourhood Planning as one way for communities to influence and shape development in their area. In addition to its statutory duties, the City Council can offer the following support to communities in this role:

Initial support

The Council can offer initial advice to groups interested in producing Neighbourhood Plans. Primarily this will relate to the processes and legislation involved in establishing a Neighbourhood Forum and in preparing a Neighbourhood Plan.

Ongoing support to approved Forums

Following approval of a Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area, Nottingham City Council can provide background demographic and evidence-base information that is readily available to the Council. The Council will also be available to undertake a meeting with the forum at the following key stages in the process:

  • Meeting 1: Issues/Options/Project planning
  • Meeting 2: Developing Vision/Objectives
  • Meeting 3: Evidence Review
  • Meeting 4: Policy development
  • Meeting 5: Pre-submission / Pre-examination
  • Meeting 6: Post Examination / Referendum

Further planning assistance on emerging Neighbourhood Plans

  • The Council will offer to provide a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening Opinion. The Council will not, however, be able to undertake any further work on an Environmental Impact Assessment should the SEA screening opinion determine the need to carry out such an assessment
  • The Council will offer comments on draft plans prior the statutory consultation phase

Sneinton Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum

Nottingham City Council has approved an application for the designation of a Neighbourhood Forum and a Neighbourhood Area (as amended) in Sneinton.

Sneinton Neighbourhood Forum can now prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the designated Neighbourhood Area. A Neighbourhood Plan is a land-use planning document prepared by the local community which can, for example, set out where new development should go and what it should look like.


Consultation was held on both the Area and Forum applications and this closed on the 13 of October 2014.

Links to copies of the original application and supporting documents can be found below.

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved in the preparation of the Sneinton Neighbourhood Plan, or would like further information on the Sneinton Neighbourhood Forum, contact Brian Grundy, Sneinton Neighbourhood Forum, TRACS, 60 Sneinton Hollows, Sneinton, NG2 4AA, (tel 0115 854 9889)

If you have any queries concerning Neighbourhood Planning, please contact the Policy and Research Team on 0115 876 3970.

The following documents can be downloaded

External Links

More information on neighbourhood planning can be found at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government web page. 

The ‘Neighbourhood Planning’ website also has support, advice and funding details.

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