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Planning for developers and businesses

Pre-application Advice

We encourage discussions with developers before submitting applications for planning permission, particularly for major or complex developments.

Talking with us can help identify and eliminate any issues with development proposals, improve the quality of planning applications and reduce the time taken to process them. If you are proposing a major development, our team can give you an initial 'in principle' advice, without charge. If you decide to proceed, we offer a comprehensive pre-application advice service.

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Nottingham City Council aspires to deliver smooth planning applications that result in excellent design quality. However, the time it can take us to deal with a planning application varies depending on the size and complexity of the scheme, the quality of the design and the level of skills of applicants and designers.

We strongly advise that applicants and designers become familiar with the Design Quality Framework guides before working on their proposals. The guides list the minimum submission requirements, the criteria and the administrative process for various types of schemes.

Engaging in Pre-application advice and working with our officers can be the most cost-effective and time saving way to progress through the planning process.

“On average, engaging in pre-application discussions has saved applicants 10 weeks from the first point of contact to achieving granted permission. It has also reduced the number of planning conditions by 11 on average.” (Audit 2013-2018).

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Appraisal of proposals

We appraise all proposals according to the design stage they are at and we strongly advise that applicants agree on the design principles of each stage through pre-application advice before moving onto the next stage. This ‘staged’ appraisal strategy has proven to be very effective, speeding up the planning process substantially and saving applicants time and money.

Design support

Nottingham City Council offers a series of design services and tools and facilitates their use to help applicants move faster through the design process whilst achieving the best possible outcomes. These include:

  • Pre-application advice
  • City Centre 3D model testing
  • Design support by qualified architectural and urban designers
  • Design team meetings and workshops
  • Independent Design Review Panel
  • Feasibility and master planning services
  • Layout and facade design
  • Conservation and heritage advice
  • Tree protection advice
  • Bespoke training for communities and industry

Please contact us to discuss your scheme and the level of support we can offer you.


For more information about the Protocol, and major development enquiries, contact:

Area Planning Manager South and West Rob Percival rob.percival@nottinghamcity.gov.uk 0115 876 4065
Area Planning Manager North and East Martin Poole martin.poole@nottinghamcity.gov.uk 0115 876 4073


We offer a range of services to support developers in the regeneration of the city and individual sites. We can provide advice on land assembly, sources of funding, project management and planning guidance for development sites. Contact us for more information.

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