Working with Nottingham City Homes (NCH) and other partners and developers, we’re transforming Nottingham’s neighbourhoods and Building a Better Nottingham by regenerating sites which are no longer fit for purpose and replacing them with new, warm, safe and quality homes.

Together we’re developing a mix of properties across the whole city, from much-needed family housing to bungalows and independent living schemes which meet the needs of local people in Nottingham.

As well as being UK Landlord of the Year, NCH works closely with Nottingham City Council to build high quality, decent homes and has deliveredCompleted schemes over 500 new affordable homes to rent across 38 sites in Nottingham since 2014.

NCH has taken on challenging sites, introduced new and innovative build techniques, and is building more homes with its staff - delivering new local jobs as well as new homes for Nottingham households.

Recent highlights include

Former Morley School Site

Transforming the former Morley School site on the St Ann’s Wells Road by providing 39 high-quality sustainable homes consisting of 6 bungalows and 33 two and three bedroom homes. In 2016 the site was given Considerate Constructors Ultrasite status, the first social housing site to receive the accolade. The scheme was completed in February 2018.


Strelley Independent Living Scheme

37 one-bed independent living apartments have been created in Strelley on the former Stepney Court site. The development also includes a new library with a landscaped outdoor area and improved IT facilities. The scheme completed at the end of 2018.

Internal viewmain entranceCourt entranceLibrary

Lenton Area

One of the biggest housing regeneration projects in the city for decades was completed in May 2018 in Lenton by Nottingham City Council and Nottingham City Homes.

The area has been completely transformed, with five tower blocks being demolished to make way for 142 affordable homes, including bungalows, flats, family homes and an award-winning independent living scheme which enables older residents to stay in their community as they age.


Palmer Court, Lenton

In addition to replacing low quality, non-traditional housing with attractive, high quality, energy efficient housing, 161 of which will be affordable homes, these developments will help to give the neighbourhood a more sustainable mix of tenancies and households.

Click here to see videos of the Lenton area transformation.



The Council recognises that it is important to build more bungalows to allow older people to continue living independently for longer in their neighbourhoods. As well as improving the quality of life for older people, this benefits younger families too.

Enabling older people to move out of larger family houses into more suitable accommodation increases the number of family houses available for people with children.

The Council set a target to build 100 new Council bungalows. They are located across the city’s neighbourhoods. Some are located in a larger group (such as in Lenton, St. Ann’s, Strelley and Bestwood Park), others are smaller development sites. By the start of 2019, 107 bungalows had been built, exceeding the original target.   

Last Updated June 2019