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About our Organisation

Places for People is a property management, development, regeneration & leisure company based in the UK that build homes and communities where everyone is welcome and everyone can thrive.  We have the expertise to create and manage entire communities, providing homes, services support and infrastructure that enable our customers and their communities to thrive.

We deliver a wide range of social value activity through our core work as well as through the Places Impact Group and Places Foundation Group charity which includes delivering social value by providing grants, volunteering opportunities and fundraising to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

About our UKSPF project

We will bring together a cost-of-living and community infrastructure project targeting vulnerable customers and communities faced with financial challenges.   Working within St Anns, Radford, Bulwell and Central Nottingham, we will be connecting communities to understand challenges with the aim to provide solutions and empower local people.

Our Community Connector and Energy Officer will support vulnerable people to manage various challenging circumstances through various initiatives such as:

  • Providing opportunities for people to become volunteer champions (digital, money or energy) within their communities
  • Provide accredited training to equip people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to support their peers and develop networks across the city
  • Building the capacity of the CVSE sector by developing partnerships, carrying out community consultation and awareness raising events, identify external funding opportunities, connect communities through local projects and develop networks and self-help groups
  • Delivering weekly energy surgeries within the community to allow those in need to access energy saving products, receive energy vouchers and warm packs within certain communities
  • Developing energy networks share ideas, provide peer to peer support, influence local decision-making relating to energy issues and share positive case studies

For more information, please contact

Call: 01772 667002
Visit: www.placesforpeople.co.uk