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About our Organisation

Marketing Nottingham and Nottinghamshire is the official place marketing organisation for the region and a non-for-profit business. We’re here to help grow the economy of the region, attract business and leisure visitors, increase employment, productivity and ultimately the quality of life for residents.

Comprised of Invest in Nottingham, Visit Nottinghamshire including Meet in Nottingham, Nottingham Tourism Centre, and Nottingham Partners, it provides a unified voice for businesses and partners across the region.

In addition, we work very closely with local private sector businesses through the Nottingham Partners and Visit Nottinghamshire’s membership schemes.

About our UKSPF project

Visit Nottinghamshire is the tourism board for the region and a division of Marketing Nottingham and Nottinghamshire responsible for driving leisure and business visitors to the region.

The visitor economy is a major driver of economic growth and prosperity for Nottingham. Tourism is worth £1.9bn to the region’s  local economy. Our UKSPF project will aim to support a wide variety of venues and businesses in hospitality, tourism and wider visitor economy sector. Activity will include support to bring business events into the region, Business to Business (B2B) support for businesses within the visitor economy sector including knowledge sharing, business support workshops, one to one business support and marketing and communications support. The aim of the project is to grow visitor numbers, promote major events, promote bookability, encourage more overnight stays, extend our tourism season and encourage more seasonal breaks to the region.

Our target audience includes local visitor economy businesses in the City, trade associations and major event organisers and business and leisure visitors. Activity starts in 2023 and will run until March 2025. 

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