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Crowdfund Nottingham Project

Nottingham City Council in partnership with community fundraising platform Spacehive launch an exciting opportunity to empower local people to fundraise to develop capital projects across Nottingham communities.

Nottingham City Council is looking to use capital funding from its UK Shared Prosperity Fund to improve venues, facilities or premises that will be used to support economically inactive and long-term unemployed residents to progress into work (Employment Support fund) or support the development community engagement activities (Community Development fund)

Nottingham City Council has two project funds available to community groups. 
Projects across Nottingham can pitch for up to £30,000 from the Employment Support fund and Community Development fund for capital projects. This programme is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and can support capital costs only. 

Crowdfund Nottingham is designed to enable community groups to collaborate and deliver locally-led projects that are genuinely supported by local community networks, businesses, residents and Nottingham City Council.

Examples of eligible projects

Employment Support fund

  • Creating dedicated space (e.g. IT suite or quiet area) within an existing venue where people can search for and apply for jobs
  • Create meeting rooms where group or one to one employment advice or support can be delivered

Community development fund

  • Improving space within existing venue (e.g. kitchen area, meeting space) to allow new engagement activities to be delivered
  • Create new, or improve existing, outdoor space which could be used to deliver community engagement activities

Follow the below steps to get involved. 

1. Create a project page

Spacehive will help you develop your project idea so that you are set up for success and ready to crowdfund. Tell us about your idea via this short form and the Spacehive team will be in touch to guide you on how to begin your campaign. 

2. Submit your project for verification

Your project costs and necessary permissions will be verified by the Spacehive team. This involves us checking quotes that you provide and whether you need to secure specific permissions to deliver your project. Gather this information in advance for speedy verification.

3. Share and collect pledges

Once your project is live, share news of your project via as many platforms as possible. Start raising funds and boost local support before your pitch for funding is assessed by Nottingham City Council. Spacehive offers helpful tips, resources and direct user support on how to achieve your crowdfunding goals and the Spacehive team is on hand to share lots of advice as you need it.

4. Access Nottingham City Council funds

Work with Spacehive to develop your pitch on the platform and you could attract additional funding via a Council pledge.

 Crowdfund Nottingham offers project creators the opportunity to receive a donation from the Council provided the project meets the criteria of the fund, as well as having received a sufficient amount of support from the community through crowdfunding. There are two funds available until March 2025 totalling £325,000 to support community projects to support projects across Nottingham.

Continue securing support and pledges from as many backers as possible to demonstrate local buy-in for your project. The Council will want to see there is an appetite for your project when they assess your pitch.
Your pitch will be assessed for a pledge at a panel assessment throughout the funding window. If you can demonstrate support from the community and submit a strong pitch, Eligible projects could receive a pledge of between £7,500 and £15,000 of capital funding (from each fund) up to a maximum of up to 50% of the crowdfunding target.

Nottingham City Council are happy to accept and consider pitches from projects to both the Community Development and Employment Support funds – the council will take a view on whether they pledge from one or both funds dependent on the nature of the project pitching. In this scenario, the minimum pledge from Nottingham City Council would be between £15,000 (i.e. a minimum of £7,500 from each fund) and £30,000 (i.e. a maximum of £15,000 from each fund).  

5. Hit your target and deliver your project

Spacehive works on an all-or-nothing model which means you’ll receive your funds after you have reached your fundraising target. Please allow up to three weeks to receive funds once your campaign ends.

Once you have delivered your project, you can update your backers on your successes by completing an impact report on Spacehive. If you do not hit your campaign target, your project will not receive its funding and any backers who have pledged funds will be refunded.

Further Information or Questions

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