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Cold calling zones advice

No cold calling zones are used against doorstep crime and are designed to help residents who suffer long standing problems with doorstep sellers and unwanted callers.

A No Cold Calling Zone (NCCZ) is an area set up by Trading Standards and the police that gives residents the confidence to say NO to uninvited salespeople, and warns rogue traders and cold callers that they are not welcome.

Signs stating that the area is a NCCZ are displayed in the zone, and the result is that many traders will not cold call in the area when they see these signs.

Also, each resident is given an information pack and a sticker to display in their window, stating that they do not want traders to cold call on them.

Where traders do cold call in the area, residents are encouraged to report them to Trading Standards or the "Zone Champion", and appropriate action will be taken.

Would you like a No Cold Calling Zone on your street?

Although we do get many requests for a NCCZ we do have a protocol we have to follow to assess the feasibility of an area, so not all zone requests will meet this protocol however we can still offer workshops, advice and guidance on reducing doorstep crime in your area.

For further information please contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0345 404 0506.

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