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Hackney Carriage Fares 

Nottingham City Council, Notice of Variation of Hackney Carriage Fares, S65 (2)Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976

The following table of Hackney Carriage fares has been approved by Nottingham City Council and will come into effect from 13th June 2022.

Hackney Carriage Fare Rates 6 am to 10 pm




For any distance up to, but not including 122.2 yards £2.00
For each subsequent 86.2 yards up to 1760 yards 20p
For each subsequent 160 yards or part thereof 20p
Waiting time for each 38 seconds (£19.00 per hour) 20p

Hackney Carriage Fare Rates 10.00pm to 6.00am



For any distance up to, but not including 114 yards


For each subsequent 82.3 yards up to 1760 yards


For each subsequent 146.67 yards or part thereof 


Waiting time for each 34 seconds (£21.00 per hour)





12.00 noon 24 December to 6.00am 27 December

6.00pm 31 December to 6.00am 02 January

Fare and a half


Statutory Bank Holidays outside of the above period

Fare and a half


In addition to the normal meter fare


Soiling Charge *


*This charge is not enforceable by the Licensing Section but reflects what is perceived as a fair charge for the amount of downtime a proprietor can experience when the vehicle is not fee earning and requires cleansing for future customer use.

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Maid Marian Way,

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