At a Licensing Committee meeting on Monday 4 October 2021 a decision was made not publish a Cumulative Impact Assessment at this time. The existing Cumulative Impact Assessment in respect of the City Centre and Radford, Berridge and Arboretum areas will therefore lapse on the 9 October 2021.

The lapse of the Cumulative Impact Assessment has implications for the Licensing Committees Terms of Reference, those of its Licensing Panels and the Statement of Licensing Policy.

Under a Cumulative Impact Assessment, currently any application which raises Cumulative Impact for premises which are outside one of the adopted Cumulative Impact Zones has to be considered by a full meeting  of the Licensing Committee rather than a Licensing Panel.  As such zones will no longer exist from the 9 October 2021 and for the sake of efficiency it was agreed at the Licensing Committee meeting on the 4 October 2021 that any application where representations are received relating to Cumulative Impact will be referred to a Licensing Panel for consideration.

The Licensing Authority currently has contained within its Statement of Licensing Policy a summary in respect of the Cumulative Impact Assessment at paragraphs 6.33-6.40. 

As of the 9 October 2021 these paragraphs will no longer be relevant. 

Without the requirements of going through a full consultation process it is not possible to remove these paragraphs from the current Statement of Licensing Policy at present and it is not proposed to make such amendments at present to the Statement of Licensing Policy

Our Statement of Licensing Policy sets out the proposals for the determination of applications and related matters in respect of the Licensing Act 2003.

Statement of Licensing Policy 2019 - 1757.94Kb

For further information please contact the licensing office on 0115 915 6571 or 0115 876 1762.

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