The List of Streets and the Definitive Map and Statement of Public Rights of Way

Under the Highways Act 1980, the City Council has a duty to keep up to date a list of all the streets and other highways (including grass verges) that are adopted and maintained at the public expense. Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, the City Council has duty to keep up to date a definitive map and statement showing all known public rights of way (footpaths, bridleways and byways).  

The List of Streets and the Definitive Map and Statement can be viewed here.

Highway Searches information

The City Council provides information on highways and public rights of way to solicitors, conveyance and search companies, amongst others. This information is then used by their clients when deciding whether to buy or lease a property. The information includes details on the extent of the adopted highways around the property, any nearby traffic management schemes, any land held for future road building and widening schemes, future highway adoptions and any public right of way affecting the property.

Charging for Highway Search information

Under the Local Land Charges Act and Rules of 1977 and the Charges for Property Searches Regulations 2008, a Council may charge a fee for this information. From 2017 Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs have imposed the standard rate of 20% VAT on fees for Local Search requests, including Highway Searches.

Information requested Service Provided  Fee
Standard Response (including one A4 plan) A standard response includes a written statement (either by email or letter, please state your preference on your initial enquiry) confirming whether the relevant highway(s) is / are adopted and one A4 size plan showing the extent of the adopted highway(s). Any public rights of way (both adopted and un-adopted) affecting the property will also be included. This charge covers one property search only. £50.00 (includes VAT)
Additional Information  If you request additional information on the same property, which was not included in the original property search enquiry, and/or the request seeks information on traffic regulation orders, parking restrictions, road building or improvement schemes and/or street works, an additional fee of £20 per hour (including VAT) shall be applied. We will advise you of the estimated charge before undertaking the additional work. £20.00 per hour (including VAT)
A3 plan sent to you via email  Due to the size of the property, an A3 size plan may be more appropriate. If this is the case, we will supply one A3 plan at the standard fee of £50 per property search. No fee
A3 plan sent to you by Royal Mail / post  If you require the A3 plan by Royal Mail / post an additional fee of £5 will apply per A3 plan supplied.  £5.00

 Please note: all fees must be paid in full before the Highway Search is carried out and information provided.

Local Land Charges Searches

Payment by debit or credit card: please contact Clair Thurman on 0115 8764602 or email

Payment by cheque: please make cheques payable to “Nottingham City Council” and forward to the address

The information provided at the time of the Search Request is to the best of our knowledge correct. Changes are made to the adopted highway network and to the public rights of way network on a regular basis. To ensure that no changes are made to the adopted highway network and/or public rights of way network between the date of your Highway Search enquiry and the date of sale / lease of the property, you are advised to carry out your Highway Search as near as possible to the date of sale / lease of the property.

All electronic plans are supplied in a Portable Document Format (PDF) as shown by the example above and are therefore subject to distortion when enlarged. Plans should be viewed at their original scale only.

Contact Us

Please report anomalies or other queries on the extent of the adopted highway and/or alignment of public rights of way to John Lee 

Please forward postal Highway Search requests to:

Highway Searches
Nottingham City Council
Traffic and Safety
Loxley House
Station Street

Tel: 0115 8765246

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