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Nottingham's Citizens' Panel

Nottingham City Council consults on a wide range of things such as health and wellbeing, the environment, the local economy, large planning projects and more. It is important for us to engage with and get the opinion of those who will be most affected by decisions that we make and that is you, the resident.

The Citizens' Panel gives you the opportunity to be closely engaged with things that are happening in the city. 

Nottingham's Citizens' Panel is a group of residents that have volunteered to share their views on consultations happening in Nottingham.

Panel members indicate their interests when applying and are then sent email notifications when a consultation that matches their interests goes live.

When unique opportunities arise such as focus groups and mystery shopper exercises, the Citizens' Panel will be the first place that we look to. 

You do not have any obligations as a panel member. You can choose which consultations you want to engage with and which you don't.

The application Form will ask you a few short questions which allow us to filter communications to only those that you're interested in. 

The personal information that we require is:

  • Name
  • Email address (to contact you)
  • First half of postcode (to confirm you are from Nottingham and also to know how representative the panel is)

We then ask a series of equalities monitoring questions which are not compulsory but help us greatly to understand how representative the panel is of the communities we serve. These questions include:

  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Disability status
  • Religion
  • Sexuality
  • Tenure
  • Employment status

Again, the above questions are not mandatory, and will not affect your panel status, but we have a statutory duty to consult people from all backgrounds and knowing which communities our panel allows us to engage with is very helpful.

You can join the Citizens' Panel by completing our application Form online.


You can leave at any time, just let us know by emailing citizenspanel@nottinghamcity.gov.uk and we will delete your data and make sure you are not included in any mailing lists.